Tanking- The Pacifist's Way of Fighting: Splinterlands Weekly Challenge

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Hey fellow summoners,

This week's weekly challenge will be about monsters with no attack. When I saw the challenge that @carrieallen proposed, I almost gave up. I don't really use no attack monsters since I feel like they don't contribute anything to the fight. I'm glad to say that through this challenge, I have discovered that I was wrong. So welcome to this week's weekly challenge, the no attack challenge.

No Attack Ability Summary

No attack is really self-explanatory, it cannot attack. Of course that sucks but they often come with things that gives them an advantage over monsters with attacks. This usually means having thorns, reflect magic, return fire or heal. This means that they are suitable tanks and can take out weak support monsters such as fallen specter.


Here is the battle link to follow along: https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=47fc0505048d2d76428208cb79919595b1ff6a9e


The ruleset for this was close ranged. This means that ranged monsters can attack in the front position.
Super high mana battle which is a waste since I like playing with mid-mana battles if fire is not available.

Summoners and Monsters


For this battle, my summoner will be daria. She is my highest level summoner and it allows me to use dragon monsters which can be super useful in battles.



As I have mentioned before, no attack monsters are tanks and they need to be attacked to have any effectiveness. I put Lord A first to both absorb the attacks and to hit back at any monsters attacking him.


Manticore is a super powerful monster with a low mana cost. Reach allows it to attack from second position and its high health also makes it a good suitable second tank.

Dragon Jumper

A super good opportunity monster to get rid of low health monsters and its stun and snare makes it super versatile for all situations.

Wood Nymph

A very good healer and its 2 magic attack and strengthen certainly doesn't hurt.

Khmer Princess

Yet another healer responsible for protecting my precious Lord A.

Prismatic Energy

To be honest, the main purpose of this was to use up mana. I didn't want to waste all the mana so I had to put in something expensive 😂. Prismatic has high health though so it protects the back and its magic attack is sometimes very useful.

Battle Analysis

Turn 1

In this turn, I managed to get rid of his boogeyman which was slowing down my troops. My reflect magic managed to hurt his phantom soldier and his magi sphinx and the thorns hurt the goblin mech. The twisted jester exposed the weakness in my position though, the snipe which can hit my healers.

Turn 2

I managed to get rid of the goblin mech with the dragon jumper and the magi sphinx died because of the Lord A reflect magic. The phantom soldier also took some damage. The twisted jester managed to kill my wood nymph though. I also managed to finish off the phantom soldier and do some damage to the octopider.

Turn 3


Managed to finish off the last of his monsters and that constitutes of a win for me! Well played!



There are some things that I could've done better such as putting in an anti-snipe monster to protect my healers. Even though it worked out for me, one of Lord A's weakness is snipe monsters since it goes over his protection so I should've focused on that. The Lord A helped a LOT too though and I am glad I used him since it killed the magic monsters and protected my backline.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you have a great day!


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