Weekly Challenge: Javelin Thrower - The Savage Spear Thrower

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Hello fellow summoner,

This weekly challenge is about the Javelin Thrower. The link is here:
As a part of a small tribe of savage female warriors, she is not one to be messed around with. Earth monsters are focused on speed and ranged so the Javelin Thrower fits perfectly into that position.

Experiences With The Javelin Thrower

My experiences with the javelin thrower has been mostly positive. It has won me a lot of battles and its mediocre cost paired with its high damage output and high speed makes it worth every mana.

Card Level

I have a level 6 javelin thrower on my delegated account and no javelin thrower on my main account. A low level javelin thrower is really squishy and though it doesn't get much better, a higher level javelin thrower has higher chance of evading. Its dodge makes it very annoying and difficult for the opponent to hit and the high speed often means it gets to go first.


Ohhhh and close range and a healed out. The healed out is disadvantageous to earth since much of earth is dependent on healing. Nevermind though, I can work around that. Closed ranged, that is a blessing since I can put Javelin thrower closer up and show it off some more.


You can follow the battle here: https://steemmonsters.com/?p=battle&id=2dd1bd4e45564a326fc5c05c6bd35d25080d6fdf


Daria Dragonscale: Very good summoner. She is very high level for me so I use her to use the highest level cards. Her +1 melee will also help my melee monsters a lot.


Chain Golem: Very solid tank. If you have read my previous posts, you know that I love this monster and it will certainly last a while even without heal.

Javelin Thrower: One of the best things about Javelin thrower is its great ability to evade attacks and putting it behind Chain Golem allows her to show that off and also allow her to shoot from the front line due to the ruleset.

Dragon Jumper: Very good opportunity monster but a sort of glass cannon so I put in near the middle so it can get shots off without getting hit.

Screeching Vulture: Double opportunity is my sort of game. Very cheap mana and its scavenge can make it really buff near the endgame.

Mitica Headhunter: Another high speed high damage monster. This is here to do some more damage output and also cost a lot of mana so I don't feel too bad about wasting some mana.

Diamond Dragon: Another mana consumer but also here to protect against pesky sneak attacks and to get slow to slow my opponent's monsters down.

Did it Work?


Turn 1

Chain golem took some damage but all was well. Managed to take out some of his backline too using the opportunity ability. Javelin thrower also managed to evade and attack from jester.

Turn 2

I managed to practically wipe out the pack line and all that remains is the prismatic energy and the phantom solider and the octopider. Chain golem went down this turn too.

Turn 4

My javelin thrower took a small beating at the front but managed to evade the only evadable attack from the octopider. So thumbs up to it!

Turn 5

And the last of the enemy's monsters are gone. Very well done by my monsters and well played to my opponent. Diamond league people are pretty tough!

Looking Back

Is there anything I could've done better? Not really except maybe used my mana a bit better? I'm not sure because that lineup netted me a pretty big win.


I have some final questions for you. Do you think the Javelin Thrower has a decent price at 7 cents a piece or should a be higher or lower? Do you use it often? Thanks for reading my post and as always, BATTLE ON!

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I also like to pack in those opportunists. 😎
I feel like the value of the throwers is pretty good. She's awesome, yes, but there are many cards who could sub for a lower mana cost... but she has her ability making her still a very worthy opponent. 🥰 @carrieallen

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