Splinterlands Boss Gatekeepers for Leagues Idea


As Splinterlands approaches the implementation of a collection score for leagues, I wanted to expand on an alternate idea I proposed a few days ago in the discord channel. The concept for boss fights has been around since the start of the game. While most envision this as a separate game mode, I propose incorporating bosses into ranked play as league gatekeepers. I would still like to see a separate boss campaign as well, but this is just a ranked league proposal.

This is just an idea, and I know too much work has gone into collection scores to change direction, but how great would it be to face whalebear's brother prior to Champion league instead of reading you need to max your deck?

The idea would be simple to start. Install a boss or static bot at each league level as a gatekeeper. To advance to the next league, players would need to first defeat this boss. The boss would hold cards equivalent to the base level of that next league and would conform to any league card restrictions. Special cards or abilities could be incorporated later or just reserved for the stand alone boss campaign. Accounts with level 1 cards might get lucky enough to beat the Silver 3 boss, but most likely the majority of them would remain in Bronze. Without thousands of level 1 accounts moving up simultaneously, the rising tide affect would be diminished, and those accounts would find it difficult to compete in Silver. Perhaps the boss gatekeeper could drop some additional loot chests upon defeat, further incentivizing moving up. Accounts should eventually find their way to the correct league.

I think players would respect remaining in a league because they cant beat the boss gatekeeper more than learning they cant advance because their deck is not upgraded sufficiently. In having played both types of games, I am less annoyed by the games that let players come to their own conclusion they need to upgrade. Cant beat the boss? I need some new cards and to sharpen my skills! versus you cant play until you buy and upgrade.

The boss gatekeeper idea would require some fine tuning, and loop hole adjustments would need to be made. Some questions would include the following: Would repeated continuous attempts be allowed, or would there be a cool down effect to prevent bot spamming and single max splinter runs? Would a loss to a boss gatekeeper cause a loss in points? Would players need to max out their league points before attempting to beat the boss and move up to the next league? What would the transition to the next league look like, eg would league points reset or continue over? And would points still accrue at the same rates once they hit the league top?

What do you all think? Did I miss a major piece that needs to be considered? Best of luck playing this season!