Troll Hunters: A Community Curator Proposal

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Let's face it, money talks and Steem Power creates influence. I'm not one who likes to waste time, so I will strive to get to the point in less than 5 minutes.

The single greatest obstacle to Steemit's growth is not the lack of curators or content creators, although our small numbers are a problem, but rather the absolute lack of social decorum from Steem Trolls that have existed for year, and which are excessively rampant in these troubling times. The Steemit Team are facing their greatest challenge, as we have possibly reached our lowest moment in the history of Steem; and they, along with many Steemians, are receiving an excessive amount of abuse. This is no news to Steemians who have been around to witness the Flag Wars, and the Downvote Pool. Neither of these features have helped improve the network, nor have they helped create exceptional content or better manners. Quite the opposite!

I have another idea that I believe will truly, and democratically, resolve this issue without the need for censorship: the Troll Hunters Community.

  • Phase 1: Create a Community of Steemians dedicated to professionalism, positive social decorum and to ridding our social network of Steem Trolls.
    Done: Troll Hunters

  • Phase 2: Seek out programmers who are willing to work on open source code to add a new feature to the Steemit App: the BLOCK button which will accompany the FOLLOW and MUTE buttons.

The BLOCK button will allow you to block user accounts so that not only do their posts and comments no longer appear to you anywhere on the site, but also your posts and comments will not appear to them either. For all intents and purposes, the Steem Troll does not exist for you, and you do not exist for the Steem Troll. I believe this would be fairly easy to code.

  • Phase 3: The Troll Hunters Community will solicit the Steemit Team to add this feature to the Steemit App.

  • Phase 4: If the feature is added, Steemians can not only use it to block Steem Trolls, but they can also report them to the Troll Hunters, who in turn can review the abusive activity and decide to also block them.

  • Phase 5: A weekly or monthly Steem Troll Hall of Shame would be published listing the top user accounts that have been blocked by the most Steemians. The BLOCK feature will create a transaction on the blockchain that can then be used to recover the data necessary to know who has been blocked, and by how many people. Those higher up on the list will risk being collectively blocked to the point that they find themselves with no followers and no one to follow, apart from other Steem Trolls, of course.

In this way, the Steemit Community has a truly democratic tool for cleaning up this cesspool of toxic emotional abuse; for Steem Trolls will literally be the "Authors" of their own demise.

Whether this proposal receives the coveted 250,000 SP or not, I sincerely hope that the Steemit Team, and Community, would consider adding this valuable and effective feature to this App.

Thank you for your time and consideration!
Grazia and Tino Curione


Thank you! I'm actually more interested in getting the idea of the BLOCK button going forward rather than the Delegated Steem Power.