Announcing Contest: How I Got into My Profession? | Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series| Week 09 | 5% to SL-Charity

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After a long break the series of competitions of Steem Sri Lanka is back again, for me it is an honor to sponsor this new edition, Welcome everyone to this new competition !!


We have all come a long way to get to what we are today, we have gone through various learning methods that have made us experts in something in some way. Your story is your own movie where you are the protagonist, so tell us how your path was before reaching what you are now, Introduce us to your profession, make a denouement of your development and end the plot with that incredible person you are today.

What you have to do?

tell us about your profession, just write about your journey until you can start working. Explain in detail what techniques you used to learn. you can answer the following questions

  • What is your profession?
  • How much time did you invest in your learning process?
  • What courses, classes, and other activities did you do to obtain the necessary experience to work?
  • How much work experience do you already have?
  • Tell us about your achievements thanks to your profession
  • Who helped you to get into current state

You can include your own photographs showing us a little of what you do.

Rules & Criteria

  • The title of your post must be How I Got into My Profession | Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series| Week 09
  • Make sure to put your entry in Steem Sri Lanka Community and put your entry link in the comment section of this post.
  • Make sure to use these tags #myprofession #steemseven #steemexclusive and your country (example #venezuela)
  • Invite 3 friends to participate, leave the link to this post in your post, and resteem.
  • Leave the link of your post in the comments.
  • This contest closes on May 29, after payment of this publication.
  • Your entry can be in any language.


  • 1st place = 60% vote from booming01
  • 2nd place = 50% vote from booming 01
  • 3rd place = 45% vote from booming 01
  • 4th place = 40% vote from booming01
  • 5th place = 8 steem
  • 6th place = 5 steem
  • 7th place = 3 steem

Originality, creativity, and compliance with the rules will be evaluated.

We look forward to your participation.

You've got a free upvote from witness fuli.
Peace & Love!


Ha haa.. Thank you Ale for organizing this. This is the first contest we gave to non-Sri Lankan member. This will be a new experience to us too.

If you passed 70 entries I'll send you a gift

We are back! 👀 Let's see that I think we will pass these number😉👍

I have posted the ffirst entry.. Can't you give me a gift 🙄🙄🙄

kohe thiyana sallida owata. steem na

Kind reminder. You have to give @alejos7ven a gift. He just passed 70 entries

After a long break, Steem Sri Lanka 3G contest series has started again 😍😍 Thank you Ale for your contest and Good Luck 💪 I'm waiting for reading amazing contest entries....🤗🤗🤗

Let's wait the entries :), for me is a pleasure to contribute to the community!

Itu kontes yang bagus kawan.

Yes, I invite you to join!

Wow Beautiful Contest, I well Attend this Contest Soon..

We are waiting your entry friend!

Back to contests again! Wish you all the best. Hoping to see some really good stories😍❤️

Yes! Let's all join to it, we are waiting your entry ;)

Hey brother.. Definitely, I will participate this contest. Thank you brother, After long time ha ha...

The good part about it is what we are doing community together no matter our location, I'm waiting your entry!!

Um so delighted to see the starting of new contest series. Also it's nice topic.
All the very best friend!!💛😍

Thank you so much @prasadi👀 greetings

Wish you all the best for the contest😍

But unfortunately I am still an undergraduate🙈 So don't have a profession.

Hey, don't limit yourself :) you can talk about your experience stuying and what are you learning

The subject of this contest is just for me. I will tell you the success story of BAYCAN. I am sure it will be an example to many people. Very thanks for good contest

We are waiting your entry ;)

We will have a lot to read about everyone. Good luck for the being the start of the contest series 🤗🤗.

Thank you so much^^ greetings

Here we go again!

This is a nice concept mate! 😍 I think we will have many motivational stories to read. Good luck with the contest! 🤗

Will be a pleasure to read the histories from the people :)

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Buenos días, saludos a todos.
Saludos amigo @alejos7ven

Por aquí dejo Mi entrada al concurso sobre cómo llegué a mi profesión

Gracias por participar, entrada #2's so happy to see the contest series again.. thank u and hope to participate ❤️

Hola amigo @alejos7ven, me encantó tu concurso, me hizo traer a la mente los momentos dónde Realice mis primeros cursos para poder trabajar, así que por acá te dejo el link de mi participación Y espero que sea de su agrado.

Saludos y bendiciones !✨

Gracias por participar, entrada #3


We will give our Best Plan, Midas Touch, which is $250 for Free for One Month.

Do you want to try?

Holaa buenas tardes, aquí dejo mi entrada

Thank you for join, entry #6

Saludos amigo @alejos7ven dejo por aca MI PARTICIPACIÓN

Thank you for join, entry #7

Thank you for join, entry #8

Saludos a la comunidad, acá un poco de mi historia, espero que les gusten... Bendiciones!!!

Thank you for join, entry #10

hello big Ale! finally you are doing a contest here. I will definitely participate in this amazing contest. good luck with the process of the contest!

I'll be waiting for you ;)

Thank you for join, entry #12

#12 is a lucky number.. I'm pleased

Wow I love this contest

I'll be waiting your entry bro

 2 months ago (edited)

I have relieved those days while writing my article.

Nothing is difficult in life. You just have to work and really want to. Fighting is in our soul.

Thank you to everyone who contributed. You can find my post on this link🤗


Thank you for join, entry #17

Your welcome 😀

Siempre es bueno contar la historia detrás de todo un camino recorrido, han pasado tantos acontecimientos en la vida de cada uno de nosotros y creo que ha llegado la hora de hablar un poco de ello, del antes y del ahora.

Con gran gusto participaré en esta iniciativa

Saldudos Alejo

Aca espero tu entrada hermano

Saludos amigos bendiciones y éxitos a todos, aquí les dejo mi entrada

Publicado en Twitter


Thank you for join, entry #23

Buenas noches amigo @alejos7ven es un placer para mí dejarles por acá mi primera participación en esta maravillosa comunidad. Muchas gracias por la oportunidad 🙏 q Dios lo bendiga 🙏

👉👉Cómo llegué a mi profesión | Serie de concursos 3G de Steem Sri Lanka | Semana 09


Thank you for join, entry #24

Thank you for join, entry #25

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Thank you for join, entry #29

This contest will be included in a future edition of the daily #WinWithSteem contest listings...

Thank you for your great work :)

¡Muy buenas tardes, excelente concurso :D. Me gusto mucho participar, muchas gracias por traer este increíble concurso :D. Saludos!

Thank you for join, entry #31

Hola @alejos7ven muchas gracias por este concurso.

El orgullo de mis padres


Thank you for join, entry #33

Congratulations !

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Excelente concurso @alejos7ven, voy a animarme a participar. Saludos y éxitos!

espero su entrada amiga

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Thank you for join, entry #40

Leyendo la introducción del Concurso ya realicé un viaje retrospectivo ...

Me encantará participar en este Concurso ... por demás de original su propuesta ...

estamos esperando su participacion amiga :)

Hello everyone! ...Here we go!!!
My Entry!!!

Thank you for join, entry #41

I'm so grateful with you🤗

Hey awsome contest, I would love to participate.
This is my entry:

Keep it up, stay 101% positive 😁

Thank you for join, entry #42

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Hi brother..This is a my entry with your contest.😉😉

Thank you for join entry#46

Buen día adjunto mi participación
Agradezco su atención y la oportunidad de exponer mi experiencia.

Thank you for join, entry #47

Thanks a lot, My best regards.

Hi, @alejos7ven,

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Hola amigo aquí está mi entrada para el concurso gracias por la invitación, Dios quiera halla cumplido con las expectativas del mismo

Thank you for join, entry #50

Fue un placer, gracias por invitarme.

Hello @alejos7ven and friends!
I have been having difficulties with the internet. I apologize for the lateness. Here is my entry

Thanks for the opportunity!!

Thank you for join, entry #53

Saludos amigo, este es un excelente concurso! pronto estaré realizando mi entrada Bendiciones y éxitos para ti y suerte para todos los participantes


esperamos su participacion amigo

Saludos para todos.

Mi entrada

Disfrute mucho realizando este concurso, gracias amigo @alejos7ven

Thank you for join, entry #55

Muy interesante concurso amigo @alejos7ven, me motiva a participar.

lo esperamos compa

Thank you for join, entry #63

Gracias por la aprobación amigo ,@alejos7ven.. Saludos!!

Me he enterado un poco tarde, pero aquí está mi participación . Gracias por este concurso, me encantó la iniciativa :-)

Thank you for join, entry #66

Buenas noches por aquí mi participación en el concurso y muchisimas gracias por promover concursos de calidad como este.

Thank you for join, entry #67