The time has come to power up! Join on October 1 and win outstanding prices #spud4steem

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Hello Everyone,

Just a few hours remaining for the power-up day. Hope you guys also looking forward to it.


This is not only the first time of participating in the #spud4steem power-up day but it’s my first power-up ever. It’s really exciting to come to this point just in 3 weeks.

So, to be eligible for the contest some simple rules are there. Here are they,


According to the rule no. 2 we need 100 steem power. But still, my sp is 95. There is a pending payout tomorrow for my post, so my sp will reach 100sp before tomorrow night... Then I can do my power-up.


So, I think it’s really a great chance here for everyone. Do you know about the rewards for winners?


Hurry up and join with the contest.

I would like to thank @kiwiscanfly for motivating us to power up and for all the sponsors who support this contest.

Thank you!
Best Regards!


Thanks for joining into @spud4steem, powering up is a great thing to do that helps everyone here on steemit.

I look forward to your powerup

have a great day

Thank you very much... Best regards!

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Good man. Don't worry you'll get 100 by evening😋

😋😋😋 Hopefully....


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