Steem Sri Lanka | Contest Series | Round 2 | Week 6 | First 10 Years of My Life

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Hi Steemians!

The week 5 | round 2 of the contest series was successfully organized by @randulakoralage and it ends today. So… this is time for me to announce my first contest here. I am @dasuni from Sri Lanka. Welcome to the week 6 | round 2 of Steem Sri Lanka contest series.

Let me explain my topic to you…



Childhood plays a major role to shape up personality and make the person who you are now. Even though we are an output of our childhood experiences, we don't quite remember much about how we were like kids and what we had done at that time. So shall we all take a moment to reminiscent how we were like since our birth upto being the 10 year old kid and share our unforgettable childhood memories with each other?

What you have to do

• Write a post about the first ten years of your life. You can write anything related with first ten years of your life in your post. You can add photos of those period.

Some ideas for you to include

• Memories of your kindergarten and primary school
Ex: concerts in which you performed, trips you went, whether you liked to go school, favourite subject, favourite teacher
• The dreams that you had and whether you achieved them or not
• How was your life at that period and how it was different from your life by now
• Your childhood friends
• How you played and with whom
• Your favourite person of your childhood
• The things you preferred in your childhood
Ex: favourite colour, favourite animal, favourite food...
• Places you went with family
• Unforgettable days for you
Ex: your birthday celebrations, a day you got an unremovable scars in your body


  1. All entries must be your original.
  2. You can write in any language.
  3. Your entry must be at least 300 words.
  4. Make sure you make your entry in Steem Sri Lanka community.
  5. The post must include the #firsttenyears tag as one of the first five tags and a tag to identify your country. (Ex: #srilanka)
  6. The title of your post must be,
    Steem Sri Lanka - Contest Series | Round 02 | Week 06 – First 10 Years of My Life : Your own title
  7. Comment the link of your participation under this post.
  8. One entry from one person is allowed.
  9. Any plagiarism attempt will not be approved.


First five places will be awarded with votes from @steemcurator02 (4M SP)...

1st Place=50% upvote
2nd Place=40% upvote
3rd Place=30% upvote
4th Place=20% upvote
5th Place=10% upvote

These votes will be increased by 10% if the posts are set to Power Up 100% (and they are not powering down at the same time).

All the participants will be rewarded with 30 STEEM prize pool.

Criteria for selecting winners

• The content
• Creativeness of your post
• How you interact with other participants


You can post before 8.00 pm, 2nd of January 2021 in Sri Lankan time. (GMT +5:30hr)

Winners will be announced on or before 5th of January 2021.

I am so happy to take part in "We Love Contest" concept of @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog.

You all are welcome to participate the contest.


Thank you for the participation😊

Here I will discuss what I did until I was 10 years old

Yeah, Yeah, I am waiting for your entry😊😊😊

Thank you. I will take part in your competition tomorrow

I will take part in your competition tomorrow

Glad to hear dr. Thank you!

There will be good entries for sure ❤️
Good luck @dasuni

There will be good entries for sure

let's see😍😍

Thank you! Hope an entry from you😊

Nice contest 😍😍
And This is your first contest 😍😍
Good start nanga😍🤗💪👌

Thank you akka☺️
Hope an entry from you❤️

wow it is time to recall some memories 😀😀😀
good luck with the contest !

I know you have wonderful things to write in this contest☺️ Looking forward for your entry🤩

Let's put that photo for this 🤣🤣🤣🤣

You too have a lot of lovely pictures too neh 🙁😒

They cannot be compare with your picture 😂

@sandu this is quite funny... Even big I recall I got no pictures but I'll try my best to participate

You may find few if you give it a try. Anyway you must have good and lovely memories. 🤩 let’s talk about them 😍

This will be a wonderful contest to share childhood memories😍

Thank you❤️
It would be interesting to take a moment and think of your childhood☺️
Waiting for your entry sis..

I should be careful while writing. otherwise your sister is going to tease me in my whole life 😂

Yeah, yeah, it is right🤣 But you can tease her back😂 She too has some photos to make fun

Yeah I have seen some 😁

Let's go back just for a while and capture some memories! 😄

Good luck with your first contest.

I am sure many may have wonderful memories to remember☺️

Thank you❤️

 4 months ago 

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Steem Sri Lanka | Contest Series | Round 2 | Week 6 | First 10 Years of My Life

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@dasuni this is so beautiful, how will I call what happened at the first ten years of my life😃😃
Anyway, I'll try hard to participate at least ask my mum what happened then.

Thank you!

Anyway, I'll try hard to participate at least ask my mum what happened then.

Ask mum and takepart in the contest. I am sure anyone has done wonderful things in the chldhood.

Looking forward for your participation😊

This is really funny, @dasuni how do you want me to remember what i did until i was ten. Well i will ask my parent. But am pretty sure it will funny.
I will be taking part in the contest.

how do you want me to remember what i did until i was ten

You can ask your parents, friends, relatives, siblings... I think you will get many things to write.

I will be taking part in the contest.

Thank you! Looking forward to read your childhood memories.

Hola amiga me encanto este concurso pero lamentablemente no poseo fotos de ese tiempo, sera que pueda hacer dibujos de las cosas que recuerdo de ese tiempo?

Really happy that you like the contest😊

unfortunately I do not have photos of that time

It is okay to not having photos. You can write your memories

will it be that I can draw pictures of the things I remember from that time?

Yeah, you can draw what you remember in your memories. It would be great😍

Looking forward for your participation.

Mmmm... Interesting 😍
Love to participate. But I haven't much photos of that period 😶

But I haven't much photos of that period 😶

Don't need much photos, you can add the photos you have. And write the memories. It is okay.

Looking forward for your participation.😊

sir @dasuni to add pictures are must because i do not have all the pictures. Please tell me will it effect the selection criteria.

It is okay to not to have pictures. If you present your post creatively, you can win.

Hi @dasuni i am happy to see this contest and i want to take participate in this contest. Can i participate as i am pakistani will your community and you welcome me.


 3 months ago 

Yes, you can participate. Make sure to post Steemexclusive and original works.


This contest is for entire steemit family🥰😊
You can participate❤️

Looking foward for your entry.

Thank you☺️

Hi sir @dasuni finally i have made my post and the link is here:

Sir i want to know something that can i add some pictures which i have edited in the photoshop because i do not have pictures of my childhood or these are not necessary please check my post and reply me because it is my first post in your loving community.and i have tried my best to do.
Post is also shared on social media platforms.

Thank you for the participation.

You have written a creative post though you have not had photos of your childhood. So it is okay. I read your article and it is really interesting.

Thank you!

Really interesting life you have.

Thank you for sharing your childhood memories with us.💕

 3 months ago 

Welcome. ❣️

Thank you for taking part in the contest😊

This is my entry, click here

Thank you for your participation😊

"Old Is Gold" nehhh..... Love this contest ❤️

Thank you! Hope an entry from you new friend😊

Thank you for your entry😊

Thank you for the participation😍

Oh cool.. I can share my nursery photos with Santa Claus

Yeah, I too have photos of my preschool concert😊

Looking forward for your entry💕

hey this is my entry 😍

Thank you😊

I am happy that you liked the topic. Thank you for the entry.

Thank you for taking part in the contest😊

Hola amiga @dasuni, me gusto que organizaras este concurso, aquí dejo mi entrada. Saludos y buenos deseos para ti.

Thank you for the participation😊

Gracias a ti, feliz año nuevo.

Feliz día @danusi. Por acá dejo mi entrada al concurso. Saludos

Mi Participación

Thank you for the participation😊

Hey @dasuni, this contest is super cool.😍I have so many things to share and I am gonna participate.❤

I am happy that you like the contest. Hoping an entry from you😊

¡Excelente concurso! Recordar aquellos tiempos me trae mucha alegría :D. Aquí traigo mi participación y feliz años nuevoo :D

Thank you for the entry😊

Hi @dasuni I have participated in this amazing contest.
My entry is here:

Thank you for the participation😊

Thank you for your participation. Pleasure to hear that you liked the contest😍

Thank you for your entry😊😊

Wish you a happy new year!

Muchas gracias también te deseo un Feliz Año Nuevo!!

Hola a todos!! Feliz Año Nuevo 2021..
esta es mi participación
Espero estar a tiempo, muchas gracias!

Thank you for the participation😍

Hi!!! Happy New Year 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ Here's my late entry, hope to enter, I was busy with the event and I was tired yesterday, so here you are:
Regards from my part. #venezuela #affable

Thank you for the entry😊

Welcome ☺️ Thanks to you👍🏼

Hi @dasuni , my entry is here.

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