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What is this opportunity I will write an article related to the beauty of the pictures I took with my cellphone. About two days ago I was in the city of Tanah Gayo. The city can be said to be very far from our village. I was there for four days to visit my sister who was not feeling well. We enter into the main discussion in this post.

When I was still in the Gayo land city at around 14:00 WIB, I was eager to find a cup of coffee. At that time I immediately changed clothes and looked for a coffee shop not far from my brother's house. The name of the coffee shop is Datu coffee. The coffee shop looks very beautiful in my eyes because when I was in my hometown, there were no coffee shops that were as beautiful as that.

Datu coffee shop


When I got there I immediately looked for a safe and quiet table. I sat in the right corner of the beautiful coffee shop. Not long after I ordered a cup of gayo coffee. About ten minutes later I received the order for one cup of coffeeً. What I usually do is take pictures afterwards. For this time, the quality of the photos I took looks very beautiful. I got the beautiful results from the portrait mode on my cellphone. I saw the portrait several times. You can see the picture below;




However, I have edited a portrait that produces a photo as beautiful as this several times. I used the lightroom app to edit it. Of course I also spent a lot of time to be able to produce images that are as beautiful as you can see above. Almost the modes in the lightroom application are reset and I adjust to the quality of the pictures I have taken. If you want a picture as beautiful as that, you can see the preview that I have set below;




That's all from me, please input and support from all steemians

ModelsiPhone 7 plus
Camera usedWL


Best Regard @joel0



it sounds beautiful when you are in a cold city, whether you visit the fresh sea or other tourist attractions besides that, I heard there have frozen mountain water places, my gayo city has not got that far because of the uphill and downhill road, but the coffee is there very pure and delicious I heard the news and it is perfect when in the frozen city.

yes that's true, but I only visited the fresh sea

I got the beautiful results from the portrait mode on my cellphone. I saw the portrait several times.

Color combination in editing is nice. Btw I would love to see a more close-up capture.

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