amazing article. I really like your writings. this is very useful knowledge for me.

no, it's just simple writing. there are many others more beautiful than this. I'm just learning to write to be better than you.

have you ever learned to write before starting to write on steemit? I see some of your posts on steemit in any community are very interesting to read, because there is a lot of knowledge that I can take in them.

 2 months ago (edited)

No, I didn't learn specifically to write articles. I just went to regular school like the others in general. but this is thanks to me often making posts on steemit. many people who reprimand and teach me here so that I can quickly write and produce good articles. you can write in this @steemSri-lanka community. many want to support and give you input so that you can menu

okay, I will try to be active in writing like you in this community

ok, continue until success 👍

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