A moment of peace from the comfort of a vacation in life amidst a busy life cycle

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Hello my fellow Steemians

How are you guys? I hope you are living healthier during this time. Today I am going to present this content to show you the freedom I gained on the last Thaipongal day. Having led a busy life I have failed in the past to be exposed to nature. But I try my best to free my mind even during the short break I get.


Before leaving for my destination, I was looking at the weather in the sky. It has been raining in many parts of Sri Lanka for a long time and before leaving, I hoped to finish the journey safely and return home. So even the slightest change in the sky has the potential to move my mind. The sky was heavy with white clouds so we decided to travel.


Matara beach Park is a paradise for lovers. I was able to see many young couples roaming the beach and falling in love. But I did not try to photograph them because they even have personality. Young couples in such beautiful places try to love and express their ideas because of the freedom of the mind.


The three of us were hoping to leave for the destination in a place where the mind would be free. So we decided to move to Matara, a town about 45 miles [45 km] from where we lived. We had the opportunity to reach Matara in about 45 minutes. First we bought two bottles of water and entered the Matara Beach Park.


My little daughter was enjoying the waves on the beach. But before the photo was taken, she cried because she was afraid she would lose the opportunity to wave her freedom at that moment.


We stayed at the Matara beach park and then left for the Veherahena temple. The Veherahena temple is usually full of people. But on that day the temple was a depopulated area. The corona epidemic was a good example of how it had spread to almost every country in the world.

The Buddha statue built in the Veherahena temple is one of the foremost Buddha statues in Asia. The size of the Buddha statue can be clearly understood as he took this photo at a height of fifty meters.



I saw several other gold plated Buddha statues in the area where the sleeping Buddha statue is located. I will not forget to photograph these in such a peaceful moment. With a little or no freedom of mind I never miss out on finding peace in my life.



After our religious worship, the three of us went downstairs to see the paintings quoting the biographies of the Supreme Buddha. A person who has a passion for life does not try to make any mistakes because of the truthful paintings here. They are definitely important in our lives. Although these murals are displayed in Sinhala, even a foreigner can get an idea through these paintings.




These murals display the past stories of the Supreme Buddha. There are examples we can get from them. In the past, the philosophy of the Buddha was very important to bring even foreigners closer to Buddhism. The artist who painted these murals so beautifully and clearly is a wonderful person. They have to be thankful at this point. Without those people, you would not have had the opportunity to express such a wonderful opportunity.



The statues had revealed how Arahant Mahinda and his entourage who introduced Buddhism to Sri Lanka had introduced Buddhism to Sri Lanka on the ground floor of the temple. In addition, important moments with a variety of character stories were polished. My daughter was amazed to see them.


We started from the lower floor of the temple and slowly had the opportunity to reach the upper floor. There was something special about the sights. You can also view them in photos.



It is our duty to adhere to health policies in the face of the current epidemic. So my beloved wife and I stayed in this temple with masks. We realized we were safe because not a lot of people were staying. Inside the temple, the Security Council monitored the health of the people.


Sad to say, there are still mentally ill people living in our society who distort old traditional images. They have no value in these. Such mentally ill people have no need to show our past values ​​to future generations. They are always trying to do the wrong thing in order to gain their popularity. Here is just one example. You can clearly see how this beautifully created painting has been destroyed by a few cruel young men. I have no words to say to such people.



Upstairs we saw a beautiful landscape. The lush green scenery of the surrounding villages fascinated me. At this moment I felt how wonderful it would be if I also lived in an area like this. The lush green fields captivated my mind and heart. My wife was also amazed to see those scenes.



Fortunately, the rains did not stop us from reaching our destination during these rainy days. The blue sky was heavy with white clouds, and I felt like I was close to the clouds. You can see it in the photos.



You can honestly see how the area around this temple, which was very crowded before the Corona epidemic, is now peaceful. All we have to say about this journey, where we were mentally and spiritually healed while enjoying the beauty of nature, was how the three of us had a wonderful experience. You too can enjoy them wonderfully. I bid farewell for now, hoping to meet again with another such pleasant experience. Stay safe. Have a nice day.



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