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Hey friends, Hope you all are doing really great. Today i'd like to take you for a walk around my home town.
My home town is Monaragala Sri Lanka, and the rural beauty still lingers here. Moreover there are so many places in my home town where are the quintessence of natural beauty. So let's go for a visit.

01.Pahatha Arawa Village


One of the unique features of my home town is there are so many remote villages. Pahatha Arawa village is one of them and there are paddy fields and a lake in the village. The village is terrbly nice with it's natural beauty.

02.Maragala Mountain Range


The maragala mountain is the mountain range that sorrounds the city. Maragala mountain range is the heart of Monaragala town because it has water sources which make the main water supply for the town. It also rich in biodiversity and extremely beautiful with it's cool climate.

03.Jeelon Bangalow


There are two bungalows In the upper part of the Maragala mountain and one of the bungalows we call as Jeelon banglow is used by people as a resort. It consists of a nice swimming pool and electricity facilities too. It's an amazing place to visit and enjoy.

04.Buduruwagala Temple


Buduruwagala temple is an ancient temple situated in Wallawaya . There are seven Buddha statues on the rock and one of them is the largest standing Buddha statue in Sri Lanka. The meaning of "Buduruwagala" is "Buddha image on stone".

05.Kalu Wala

I don't know the exact name for this place but villagers call it as Kalu Wala and it's situated in Wallwaya. It's like a natural swimming pool and people go there for enjoying and bathing.



kataragama is a sacred place of both sinhala and tamil people in Sri Lanka. The sacred place consist of Sathara Maha Devala and Kiri Wehera Stupa .

07.Monaragala Town


People from near and outside the city come to the town to meet their needs.

08.Paddy fields


Monaragala is an agricultural city. Therefore paddy fields are a common sight in the area.

09.Guruhela Lake


This is an evening view of Guruhela, Moaragahamada Lake. It was an excellent drawing of the nature and it provides water for paddy fields.

So this is my home town and hope you will love it. 💕
Thank you for reading!!


This article brought back so many memories..💕

I don't know the exact name for this place but villagers call it as Kalu Wala and it's situated in Wallwaya

Hey I've been there. It was called Galpoththa and the water is deeper than seen. But a perfect place for spend some quality time.

So there is an another name for it. You know but I don't know although this is my area. 😅
Thanks 🤗

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this reminded me of a post you had previously posted, regarding the beauty of your area. Seems so natural and visual treat

Thanks for visiting💛

Monaragala district has so many fascinating places. Your photo clicks and explanation are so attractive @prasadi. Many times I went to Kataragama dewalaya but I never visited Pahala arawa and Kaluwala. Hope to travel to both places later.

Thanks for the appriciation aiya🤗
Come for sure!!

Kalu wala 😍😍😍


These photos are very beautiful. Love it.👌

Thanks 😍

Nice to know. Well written.

Thanks 😍

These photos are very beautiful and beautiful city in monaragala.

Thanks aiya 😍

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Monaragala town❤️ one of my fav towns.