Another Remarkable Milestone of Life!

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Today is an unforgettable day of my life. I signed off the contract for a company for my first job as a Software Engineer. The company is in Colombo 03, the business domain is Banking and Finance. The team is so friendly and even the management. It is a small scale company but well paid and facilitated.

I went with my boyfriend and it was a really enjoyable journey! I saved a song collection in my phone specially prepared for him, and he liked them very much. We sang with the player all along our way which was so fun.


While coming back, we stopped by Basement Caffe Ambalangoda for lunch. It is a restaurant with a nice interior design also tasty food. Today we tried Tai Mixed Rice which is so spicy. Even though I suggested ordering it, I was sweating as it is so spicy.

But we finished the dish even it is hot. The meal was so tasty as the same as other meals of this restaurant. We enjoyed ice cream too. This restaurant is recommender for dine-in and for photo shooting as well.

There were a bunch of fun moments throughout today's journey. We went to buy some stuff too. It feels very free after spending such a relaxed day!


Congratulations on your interview, we hope you get the job and that everything goes well.
I think the spicy Tai coon rice is a good experience, it looks delicious, I also like spicy.
Nice that you had a fun day with your boyfriend, greetings

Hello my dearest sister @randulakoralage, my heartiest congratulations for your massive milestone in your life journey. I really happy this moment after read this content. Exactly you have great future and your BF giving fulfill support since behind you.

My heartiest congratulations @randulakoralage ❤️

Congratulations 💐

Congratulations on the new job, and thanks for sharing with us.

 2 months ago (edited)

I signed off the contract for a company for my first job

Congrate and all the best for your first job. May you rise and shine more and more ❤.

Congratulations dear 😍😍

Congratulations friend!!

Tai Mixed Rice which is so spicy. Even though I suggested ordering it, I was sweating as it is so spicy.

Hmm.. Should try that..
Fed up with always eating chicken Rice 😂😂

Congratulations honey 😍❤

best wishes for your future dear...😍

Congrats @randulakoralage , 🌹
Wow your wish came true. May your every wish be fulfilled in the same way and may you find success and happiness at every stage of life

All the Best😊

Love is one of the best motivations we have to live, having a partner who understands and supports us is sensational, life is sad in solitude ,I also want to tell you that I am glad to hear about your job, I know that you will do an excellent job, you are a good person.


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