Join with Grinch | December Spud4Steem

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Remember Grinch? Who hate christmas?

Grinch loves Christmas now as well as going to join the biggest power-up event of steemit, #spud4steem!

Tell your friend... About spud4steem

I invited Grinch.. You? Spread this message among your friends in steemit..

Show This Post to them and teach them how important our steem power is.

Grinich 1.png
Power up.. Power up.. Power up..

We Have More Prizes This Time

Usually first 5 winner are given with delegations. But this time.. You can enjoy @worldofxpilar special gift package..

The next 5 places are gifted with 500SP delegations. So JOIN.. JOIN.. JOIN...


Why Grinch and I Join?

  • To motivate you to join #spud4steem (Grinch)
  • To up my Steem Power to 10K (Me)

This is my wallet 👇



Vaya que publicación tan motivadora llena de colores navideños y personajes conocidos.

Se merece un resteem. Listo jeje.

Estas a nada de tus 10.000 SP que emoción tan grande. Y que ejemplo tan maravilloso a seguir. Para este 1 de diciembre espero alcanzar un mínimo de 1300. Esperaba reunir más pero noviembre no fue tan bueno como octubre. Opps

Fue un placer visitarte. Saludos.

#onepercent #venezuela #affable

I wish you to achieve your goals.. If we love some thing it comes to us😊

Así es... Gracias.

Creative as always! But I don't know about this grinch... 😋😋
This time, 10 gifts then? That's nice

But I don't know about this grinch... 😋😋

Mr movie @praweenw96 Tell him about Grinch👩‍🚒

Yes 10 prizes.🤩

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Attractive post 😍😍😍😍

And who is grinch🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Don't you know Grinch? Watch it "The Grinch - 2018"🤭🤭🤭 Good for christmas

@sandupi I had the same question. :D

Grinch 🤭