Let's Meet Under this Tag on 1st of April :)

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Found this small and anonymous flower in the garden of the girls' hostel which filled with flowers and bees.

I am wondering why these girls spend whole the time inside their rooms instead of having a walk around this beautiful large garden.

I am the only weirdo here who attracting to outside always 😁

Well, this is not about the flower, it is should be about #spud4steem

1... 2.. 3... mmm.. it is 10 th consecutive powerup day of my steemit life. I join this time to power up to 20K and delegate other 500SP to @steem-sri.lanka


Let's meet on April 1st..

Here's my wallet,


I invite all of you to join with April 1st #spud4steem


Waooo. This garden must be loving location with it's between flower. Girls hostel will be hot