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Sri Lanka is a growing community in Steemit now. The aim of this review is to recall what we did as a community during the past month and to give a hint about upcoming projects.

1. Steem Sri Lanka Contest Series

Every project has a meaning. This project is launched to give the opportunity to any member from Sri Lanka to host a contest. Some are afraid to initiate their own dream contests because of lack of assistance and experience. As a country representative, it is my job to assist them and provide them with resources and knowledge to go forward.


The first two weeks of the contest went well. @anusha96 and @sandupi published their dream contests. @neerajkr03 sponsored anusha96 with 16 STEEM and for sandupi I provided the remaining STEEM she needs.

For week three @sandu will host the contest and thereafter another member is getting ready.

So if you are so excited to organize a meaningful contest, just comment me and I will give further assistance. If you don't have STEEM or SBD for prizes due for a reasonable reason, I will try to do my best to find your prizes. One rule, the contests must be hosted in Steem Sri Lanka community.

The current challenge we have here is promoting contests. But I will arrange a different mechanism from the next contest to have more attention. Even though there are many contests in steemit, very few people attempt them. Why?🤔

2. Steemit Sri Lanka Top Picks

This is not a project, but a responsibility to attaining value for the effort of members. It is my pleasure to see everyone who works hard, is getting good rewards up to quality.


Quality matters, I am interested in it. I am working hard with a few of my personally known members about this matter. My focus is to join all Sri Lankan members in improving content quality within the community. @steemcurator01 I need your advice on this to arrange next project. What makes a post perfect?

For the weekly top picks, I consider 2 things. First, prioritize newcomers' good content within the community. Second, other extraordinary contents. It's limited to 5 posts for now. After publishing last week's top picks I saw member's enthusiasm is increased.

There is no force to anyone to must post all your posts here, but just join and try to improve yourself.

3. Our Members are So Active!

I love them. Even though the community is small, members are so active everywhere.

Music for Steem

She was hidden for her last 2 months.
@sandupi is busy with her job as a Quantity Surveyor but we should appreciate her for representing Sri Lanka in Music for Steem

World of Cricket

I like cricket but the worst cricket lover. @damithudaya doing a great job there with Tarpan and Sumon to keep that wonderful community active.
Damith also won first place in spud4steem and many other contests.

Italy Game

As a CR and POD member @besticofinder working hard in all curation work as well as supporting community members. He actively supported #italygame by @girolamomarotta and @famigliacurione. It is a positive sign, that working with other communities.

More than that all members are actively engaged in contests by @steemblog and others. I want to give my thank for the work all you are doing.

What Come Next

The next project will launch tomorrow as an extension to weekly top picks. Just a hit 😊

Thanks again for all your support.


All active members: @besticofinder, @goldcoin, @madushanka, @randulakoralage, @theshaki, @anusha96, @dinoli, @sandu, @randula99, @dilshan96 , @yohank, @kazz89, @pusidu, @sandupi, @chamaranuwan, @pubuduneranjan, @sameera96, @sridhara, @kalpa-sameera, @vishwara, @sathsara93, @inudi, @dilinitharika, @praveenw96, @foxicoreviews


Nice Job Guys!!!

This is a great platform for me to write with zero hesitation.

Let's STEEM!

♥️ thanks Mr film expert

Great review @randulakoralage... In a short period of time was able to achieve so many things here. You and sri lankan community always give a great support.
All are working really hard.
Good luck with the future projects... ❤️❤️❤️

Yes we did. 😍🌯🌯🌯 party plz

Nice review @randulakoralage ❤️🔥
keep it up 🤟

well detailed review. good job 👏👏

Good monthly review @randulakoralage..... we do our best....❤ And also Randula you do a great work here.. Thank you so much buddy😘😘😘

@randulakoralage I really appreciate the time you've taken out of your academics to keep Steem Sri Lanka Community active. 😍
I'm so happy to have you as our CR. 😃

Best regards!!

Thank you for this review.

The Steem community in Sri Lanka seems to be growing well.

Do have any plans to set up a country curation account (like @bestofindia and others) that Sri Lankan Steemians can delegate to? This would help to make your community more self-sufficient.

In terms of quality of posts many of the guidelines we put out for the Diary Game apply to posts generally.

When we are curating we are looking at a number of factors including...

  • presentation and layout
  • quality and appropriate use of photos
  • structure of the post
  • quality of the writing

Perhaps most importantly we look at interest and utility. Who is the post of interest to, and does it add value to the blockchain?

This value might be through informing, educating, entertaining, inspiring...

What is the intended audience for the post and how are you giving them what they want!

Hope this helps.

The Steemit Team

cc @besticofinder

Hi Good Morning!

We have just published our weekly picks:

I like to invite you to have a tour around Steem Sri Lanka when got time. We have some additional good posts including contest posts😊

Have a good day..

Hello Good Morning @steemcurator01,

It is our weekly picks day. We posted weekly picks just now!

 3 months ago 

We published our next contest of the contest series :

And the last weekly report:

We like to see your visit if you get a chance during the busy day

 3 months ago 

We just published weekly 5 top picks :

and our 5th contest of the contest series by

Our plan is to continue this this contest series weekly so that every member can have a good experience. Now it is getting so popular among other countries too :)

have a nice day :)

Do have any plans to set up a country curation account (like @bestofindia and others) that Sri Lankan Steemians can delegate to?

Good Morning @steemcurator01 😀.. I onece thought about it. Here in Sri Lanka, only besticofinder and and I have large SP. damithudaya has near 500 and 3 others around 300. And else less than 200 yet. Let's say @besticofinder and I delegate max of 4000 then still the max vote from that particular country account less than total from a vote from one private account.

But that is correct we need a curation account. I'll make an account first and then will try to find additional support for this. I like to listen members favours too😊

Thank you for the points you gave. May I quote them in a post and pin as a resource ?

It might be worth talking with the India and Indonesia Country Reps to see how they are approaching this.

sure sure 😊 . ernaerningsih and Rishabh are my friends. I'll ask❤️

Hi @steemcurator01,

Winners of Steem Sri Lanka - Contest Series | Round 02 | Week 03 - Art & Craft Contest are published by @anusha96, the host of the contest.

@steemcurator02 can now distribute prizes.


Thank you @steemcurator01 ,@steemcurator02 for their support and thanks a lot @randulakoralage for telling me about the contest and I hope you will let me know about more competitions soon..

Hello, @randulakoralage
All the above have been voted now.

♥️ thanks

It's great to have a country curation account. But I see we are not there actually. Currently , most of the Sri Lankans are less than 500 SP and they are very new. If we are getting some additional support it will be worthy. Btw I was thinking about the @steemingcurators curation trail too.

If I make a community account, how much you can delegate? But I think, currentry as two accounts we can vote more.

I think the same. I can delegate any amount you suggest. But I personally believes it's better for sri lankans to going with @steemingcurators curation trail announced yesterday .

let's see.. automating 😟

We support the country specific curation accounts through generous upvotes, so you would miss that growth opportunity.

I just made an account. Will start growing it from today :). Thank you for support you willing to give. I'll publish some 100% powerup posts and also delegate as much I can. 😃 besticofinder will also delegate.

Hi.. We created the community account Announcing Official Community Curator Account for Steem Sri Lanka

Have a look when free :)

Congratulations on 100+ members. It a sign that the Srilanka community is growing and you guys are moving in the right direction.

All the contests and initiatives will surely help grow Srilankan newcomers.

Great Job.

Tan Q Neeraj♥️