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Water is everywhere. 71 percent of the world is covered with water. There are three states of water; solid, liquid, or gas. Clouds, vapor, snow, rain, mist are also different forms of water.

You'll see water in different colors, different shapes, and with different patterns.

Patterns of Water

This contest is all about beautiful patterns of water..

  • Any kind of water-related photo.
  • share a maximum of 3 photographs with beautiful patterns of water.
  • This can be a different form of water
  • Or a different color mixture of water (natural or artificial)

Let me share some examples from unsplash :


Check Out Guidelines

  • Use between 20 - 30 words about photos you share..
  • You should make your comment under this post.
  • A maximum of 3 photos can be commented.
  • One entry for one-person.
  • Photos MUST be your own


I will select 5 creative comments.

1st Place - 4 STEEM
2nd Place - 2 STEEM
3rd Place - 2 STEEM
4th Place - 1 STEEM
5th Place - 1 STEEM


The contest will be closed on 29th July 2021 at 5.30 pm from Sri Lanka time.
10% of the payout goes to SL-Charity


Feliz tarde para todos @randulakoralage

Agradezco a la comunidad @SteemSriLanka por este bello concurso, al mismo tiempo Felicito a los demás participantes por la elaboración de sus post.


Esta hermosa flor nació en el patio de mi casa, no conozco su nombre pero su belleza me motivo a tomar la foto, y ver como tenia esas hermosas gotas de agua, porque el día amaneció lloviendo.


Aparte de ser una hermosa flor, el agua que está en sus pétalos la hacen ver más hermosa, desearía conocer el nombre de ella.

Las fotos son de autoría tomadas con teléfono Krip K57

Apure-Venezuela 25-7-21

Look at the beauty of water droplets on the purple flower. I have seen a similar flower here but I think it is not this one. Is it a tall plant or a shorter one? The plant I have seen is short. spreading on the ground.

Nice photography

Good morning, dear @randulakoralage
Thank you for your comment, I am a young man with a passion for photography and silver, I congratulate you on the contest, greetings from Venezuela.

Hey I checked it on google lense.


It is a beautiful purple flower and you have captured it beautifully. 😍

🙂🙂 amiga pensé que también en tu país estaba la planta y la flor @sandupi te mando saludos desde venezuela

Water... 💧🌊


Sea is a mysterious place with blue, sparkling water is everywhere with no end. I remember how the waves curled up and hugged the sea shore.

At the moment it is raining outside and I am hearing the sound of the raindrops hitting the trees. It is very beautiful when raindrops are can seen on the leaves and flower petals.


So there is no doubt the world is so beautiful because of water. It is so magical.

the first photo gave me a strange feeling. This photo is with a natural photo frame. I see the coconut leaves as a frame made for the scenery..

I have watched the second photo by own eye

And third, what is this place? 🤔

And third, what is this place? 🤔

It is Gangaramaya temple,colombo. 🙊

Watura lassanata thibbata pirisiru nm nedda koheda 3 weni eke🤣😁

Ow ow tikk ehma thmai 😌

Nice captures Amiga... If my memory is correct, last picture is old few years. No???

Yeah. It was taken in 2018 when I was in Colombo. 🙊

Beautiful photos anusha 😍. Even I like the sea most, from these 2nd one is a beauty.

Hey thank you Rasi 🙊

Hi @randulakoralage. Here I am. 😊

This was taken when I went to my hometown. We went to this river dam to experience the freshness of cold water. The calm overflowing water which made us relaxing.




I like last photo.. Look at the white lines of water and greeny surface. Water takes different colors. Green, blue, light blue, brown... Hope this greeny water pool is cold

Thank you randula. It's really cold, cold as ice water really,,, especially that it came from nature. 😍❤

I didn't visit such a place since a long time

It's so nice to unwind with nature randula. You fly here, I'll tour you around. 😊

The calm overflowing water which made us relaxing.

I can imagine that feeling 🙊 You are lucky to have this kind of river dam in your area. If I had, I go there everyday.. he hee🙊 amazing creation of nature 💪

Thank you sandupi, but hey, you can't go there if it's raining, there might be a flood. 😃😃

So nice to play with water for a while 🥰.

Exactly rasinkani. 😍😍


Natural water source is the best place to find sanity.

It's been a while I visit such a place. I wish I could go again to this river.

Some of our friends visited this place in 2019 and then the pandemic started.


The place is such a beauty.

Place: Tista River, Rangpur - Bangladesh
Location: Link
Device: Xiaomi Note 7 pro

Thanks, @randulakoralage for this contest.

Beautiful captures 🤗.


Hey you are taking very nice photos btw.. Xiaomi note 7 camera produe stunning photos😎 isn't it?

Look at the reflection of clouds on water surface!!

It's not my phone, it's the nature that makes everything looks beautiful.
FIY, I edited the photos with Snapseed.
Thanks 👍

hmm Snapseed. Is it a mobile app?

 2 months ago (edited)

Android mobile app, available on play store.
I wrote a post few days back about the place. You can check it here-

These two are so beautiful. The cloud in the second picture is seems like a fish who has a big stomach😬. Good luck buddy for the contest !!

You got an imaginary mind.
Thanks for your appreciation.




The water became really attractive for various reasons, it became more beautiful through various photographs. Bangladesh is the motherland of rivers, so we are more familiar with such scenes. I captured the first picture from the village house on Eid day. I captured the next two pictures of the river while traveling to another district outside Dhaka. The river was very big, there was a lot of water in the river.

I like the first picture a lot. Every morning I see the same thing on Elephant's Ear leaves. It is wonderful how the water droplets are there without making the leave wet..

The river was very big,

is it a river? Yeah very big.. I haven't seen such a large river here. I live close to a river. But I can see the opposite river bank from other bank. Not too wide

yes, we have three big rivers like sea. Padma, Meghna and Jamuna :D

Ah haa.. Padma Yamuna I have heard at school. We learned a lot about Indian continent in Geography. unfortunately this knowledge isn't apply now :(

Bangladesh is the motherland of rivers, so we are more familiar with such scenes.

Wow 🤗. We also have so many rivers in the country, but we don't have a one close to our home.

I spent my childhood on the banks of a river.

The river was very big

Yeah.. First I thought that it's sea after seeing that waves.... 🙊 And first one is a excellent capture 💚

he he he he this river like a sea. But we caught lots of fish to be it.

Greetings friends of @steemsrilanka. Hello friend @randulakoralage, the photo I present to you when the Orinoco river located in Ciudad Bolivar Venezuela, overflowed in 2018 and reached the street to such an extent that people could wet their feet being in the street. Photo taken with my SONY camera

Oh I see.. First I couldn't separate road and water and later I saw yellow stripes on the road. But is very dangerous when we are unable to figure out what is water, what is the river.

Do your country frequently catch to floods? here most of the times it happen

This was an unexpected growth. The last time something like that happened was in 1976 and we were not prepared for it.

oh really. Flooding is very frequent here. Specially I live close to a river. At least 4 times a year the roads cover with flood. Sometimes paddy fields fill with water and flood occur due to that.

Floods are difficult and fortunately they manage to get through.

Yep. Specially it damages crops.. 😪

I could find a road first 🙄. after looking at two three times I found the road.

If that is a beautiful viewpoint that flooded with the flooding of the orinoco river in 2018.

Water is such an interesting thing, it can take many shapes. Here are my water photographs.

After a rain we can see rain drops on leaves. This lotus leaf holds few rain drops before they fall down.


Ice cubes are the solid form of water. these cubes are created with flowers. these kind of ice cubes are used for making ice tea or mocktail.


seeing this you will think where is the water? water are vapored and stored in those clouds. Once the cloud is saturated we will get the rain.


I love the second photo.. make them? Tell me more.. if they use to make moktails, what happen to flower once ice become liquid 🙊

yes I made them 🙈. I just used random flowers to try whether it works or not. if we use them for tea or mocktail we should use edible flowers.

Desire to win..... Good luck buddy...

Thank you ayya 😁.

Ice cube haduwe dinannama neda?? asadaranai...

mage parana post ekak ati ewa hadala dapu🙊.

parana ewage ewa danna behe neh...

itin aye hadanna yah 😂.

Second one is a nice idea Rasi😍 Matath asa hithuna photo collection ekak thiya ganna eka try karala....🙊 So beautiful 😍

Thank you sandupi 😘.

Matath asa hithuna photo collection ekak thiya ganna eka try karala

Hadala balanna ewa shooi 😁.

Hello @randulakoralage. Thanks for this nice contest. Here is my submission:


I took this picture on a rainy day. It depicts pattern created by rain drops on green leaves. It looks so refreshing to me everytime I see this picture.

This is a seabeach located near my workplace. It was a sunny afternoon when I visited that place. The sunlight created a nice pattern on the water and I captured this beauty immediately.


This picture is totally different than the others. Here what I did was focusing the blue light through the water bottle. It looked so nice. It created a nice blue beautiful pattern on that plastic bottle.

OMG pretty impressive collection.. Love it. The second image reminds me some place. But not clear what it is. Nice reflection in third photo

Thank you.


Hello everyone especially to @randulakoralage who initiated this contest . This is fruityapple00 from Cebu Philippines and this is my entry.







Thes photos was taken in 2019 when I went to Bohol Island . They’re really amazing not just in the photos but also in real life . I really love taking pictures of nature because they’re beautiful and attractive. Taking photos of them gives me the reason to appreciate more for the world that we live in.

you are very famous her because you submit very beautiful photos always my first choice is the last photos. You dressed blue, the sky is blue and the ocean is also.. amazing capture.

What a pleasant water fall😮 very light flow of water but stunning!

Oh really? I never think that I am famous here 😂 I was just submitting my entry but thank you so much for the compliments especially to my photos! I do really love taking photos. In fact I only used my phone to take photos but still it looks so beautiful for you.

Oh really? I never think that I am famous here

@sandupi isn't it? tell her

I only used my phone to take photos but still it looks so beautiful for you.

it happens when you take the correct scenes in the proper time. What is your phone?

That time I used samsung note 9 . But that’s the only photos that I submitted using samsung note 9 . But the other photos I submitted you before was iphone8plus until now :)

ha ha.. see you have very good phones as well as a good eye

You don’t have to buy the good or expensive camera. You have to know how to get nice angle when you take a photo, I am now using iPhone8 plus since 2020 before I wasn’t really good taking photos but now I think I have improvement since you told me thanks to you and also the youtube for the tutorial .

Hey @fruityapple00, yeah Randula is correct... you are famous here...😍 your photographs are really amazing and I have noticed that.... Keep it up buddy 💪💪💪

Omg! Thank you so much 🥰😍😘

Nice photographs. 3rd one is more beautiful.

It's time to enjoy patterns of water with nature 🌊💚

Rain is a shower to trees, flowers, animals and every thing in this world for taking a free bath. This is how the look of these leaves after having a bath from the rain.👇


Water is a good mirror to see the world upside down. Look at this small bush. It has made a beautiful image on the water mirror. 👇


These dew drops have made pearl lines on the spider web. Unfortunately web is broken.But how give up the foods? So spider tries to protect his foods. 👇



hey this time you guys have sent marvelous photos.. I enjoyed all 3.. you had to be very keen on the environment when taking them. well done

Yeah.... 🙊 but these three was taken last year.... I couldn't capture this kind of clicks recently 😥

3rd one is the best pic. How you could captured it???

It was in our garden and I captured it. It was a large spider web and had broken and spread everywhere.

Hello to all. I am presenting these 3 photos of mine. The first one is a drink in a glass and I simply liked this pattern, the second one is a good old wave in a sunset and the last one is an abstract approach to the rain.



rain abstract.jpg

Very clever photography. What is the lense you used to take the first photo?
Is this your blog?

Yes, that is my blog. I used Sony 50mm macro lens. Very sharp lens, I love it. Thank you very much

It's a very nice blog. I am so impressed. are you doing it only by yourself or do you have a team?

Thank you, we are trying our best. It's just me and my wife, so yeah we are a team :)

These photos are very interesting. Good luck..

Thank you very much. Water is intersting and unique in fisrt place.


OMG these captures 😍 Superb buddy....💪 You have a good artistic eye.....❤️ Good luck !!!

Thank you very much! I am glad you like it

Beautiful pictures.

Looks like you have different vision to capture this kind of nice pictures.... Your concept is very good....

Thank you, I am glad you like it

Nice contest 👍

Thanks..🤗 hope you'll share some water

Wow ! Different idea ..
Looking forward for new ideas

you are invited to join ;0

Brilliant concept! ❤️

Thanks fren

I'm coming randula.

I'm waiting Izee

A nice and very creative concept Randula.. hope to participate soon. ❤️

I'm looking farward

Hello. This is my entry for the contest.

Water is important. It has many purposes and is used in different places like;

The human body.

In the bathroom for cleaning.

In the Kitchen for cooking.

Thank you.

Thank you verymuch for entry. As this is a comment contest, it is better if you can submit photos as a comment.

Alright. Thank you.

@randula gave amazing contest idea with water. I’m try to get a nice photo with my mobile and water. we were able to taken amazing pattern through water.


can you gusse?? how can we took this photo?

Wow what a amazing thinking....

your idea😋😋

Lets say...50-50...

Amazing 😍😍😍😍

can you gusse??

Did you use a water bottle ????

yep. you are correct ...

Yay.....🙊 my guess is correct 🙆🙆

are they reflections ? So creative.. I don't understand to whome I give places😟

Without water we cannot live... Water acts a major role in our life. As a traveller I visited lot of places which contain water. Here are some photos captured by me during my travels.




Location of 3rd one???


location of 1st and 3rd plz.. why I don't see such places😒

a koheda

Apith ekka trip yanna awanam mehema than oni tharam balaganna puluwan ..
1 - Mathale Road near Naula
2 - Kalpitiya
3 - Ohiya

Hello @randulakoralage, please find my entry for this contest below-

Prasar Lake trek 26.jpg

You will find ice - which is the solid form of water in this photo. This photo is taken during my trek to Prasar Lake in India.

I love snow.. because we don't have ❄ here😥

Hello @randulakoralage, Greetings from India !! Inviting you for a snow trek in Himalayas, once the pandemic is over.

Repeated way of happenings. Most commonly, it is regularity. Irregularity is also a pattern without specific dimensions such as shape, continuity, form of organizing or arrangement.
Only a particular mindset can feel the pattern. Patterns in nature are different—forms of regularities such as spirals, waves or shapes and many more.

Nature of the pattern of the lake water with waves foams and spirals. The healthy breeze from Ritigala mountain made an impact on regularities. It is time for the fishing boats to set sail.

Only time and the breeze create different patterns of water.
Tiny lights in the distance create a different mindset and tranquillized pattern of water. Scintillating mood fixing environment quite a perspective for the matching pattern of water

Water pattern coloured with moonlight and the distant view of Mihintale Chetiya.No fishing boats, waves and foams there. Tranquillized regularities to enhance the peaceful mindset. It is the centre of regularities and irregularities but a fabulous creature of the pattern of water.

Mewa dekkama manasath sehellu wenawa.... Honda sankalpayak...

1000% ekagai 💪

Beautiful captures... I most like to the second one... it has divided to two parts from two blue (sky and water) ❤️

Water is one of a marvellous product of nature. It is also a very valuable design that cannot be compared to any other product.


I think our life should be like water. Because water is something that adapts to the place. So we also have to get used to adapting our lives according to the relevant situation. Isn't that so?


What do you think of this picture? I would like to know your opinion.😋

Ah haaa... you have participated...All pic are very beautiful....

last one😍😍😍 that is the most beautiful one out of these three❤️

Wow.. I love the last photo. Crazily amazing. Is it water drops on a mirror ?