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This time, I thought to give you an opportunity to talk about your life management hacks. No matter what is your status in life, all you have different ways of managing your life which helps you to climb the ladder of success.

Let me help you by giving some areas,

  • The way you save money
  • The way you manage time
  • How you stay happy
  • How you keep work-life balance
  • Are you using any spiritual power
  • How you organize your works
  • How you go up as an entrepreneur
  • How you became an extraordinary student
  • How you stay healthy and fit
  • How you control your feelings
  • How did you get rid of any addition etc..

What You Have To Do

Write an article, describing life management tricks, you are using in your real life.

You can talk under any section given above. And also you are free to add any other areas that coming into your mind.

Use at least 3 things which is useful to others.

You Can Include

  • A description of the life management hack.
  • Stories behind it (how you learned this trick, who inspired you etc)
  • Advantages you had due to following it
  • Any tools you are using, let us know their names with a screenshot (timetable tools, to-do list tools, money management tools, maybe AI assistant tools)
  • Anything you need suggestions from others. (how to get rid of the addiction, how to go for a high grade)


  • All entries must be your original

  • Your entry must be at least 300 words

  • Make sure you make your entry in Steem Sri Lanka community.

  • The post must include the #secretsofsuccess tag as one of the first five tags

  • You can include your own photos, app screenshots, drawings, charts, graphics or free images

  • The title of your post must be,
    Steem Sri Lanka - Contest Series | Round 02 | Week 05 – My Secrets of Success: Your own title

  • One person can post only one entry for the contest

  • Any plagiarism attempt will make you ban from the contest

📎I Motivate You To Do An Extraordinary Creative Entry To Increase the Probability of Winning

Post your entries before 8.00 p.m on 26th of December, 2020 Sri Lanka time.


I am selecting 10 Places.

1st50% upvote @steemcurator02
2nd40% upvote @steemcurator02
3rd30% upvote @steemcurator02
4th20% upvote @steemcurator02
5th10% upvote @steemcurator02
6th8 STEEM
7th6 STEEM
8th4 STEEM
9th3 STEEM
10th2 STEEM
Participation0.5-1 STEEM up to quality

Please engage with other participants by voting and commenting. Constructive comments will be voted by @steem-sri.lanka community curator

Evaluation Criteria

  • The usefulness of your tricks and novelty
  • Way you present
  • The impression you make by engaging with others

You all Welcome

CC: @steemcurator01


¡Buenas tardes! ¡Excelente concurso! Es muy importante tenes estas tácticas y son muchas y muy variadas, de seguro todos crearon una y es bueno aplicarlas :D.

Aquí te traigo mi participación:

Un placer estar por aquí compartiendo mi primera publicación en esta comunidad. Gracias a @randulakoralage por manejarlo y a mi amigo @fjjrg por promocionarlo en el grupo (ya veo que @alejartist se me adelantó, ja ja ja ja)

Hello everyone, a pleasure to be here, I leave my participation in the contest.
Hola a todos, un gusto estar por aquí, dejo mi participación en el concurso.

I hope you like it.
Espero sea de su agrado.

Saludos, me ha gustado mucho este concurso. Es mi primera vez participando en esta comunidad y eso me alegra mucho. Les dejo mi entrada al concurso, espero les guste:

Feliz día amiga @randulakoralage. Acá le dejo mi entrada al concurso. Saludos y suerte para todos.

Mi Participación

Buenos días, felices fiestas de Navidad.
por aquí dejando mi primera participación en este concurso.
Espero que no me haya extendido demasiado y que cumpla con las normas del mismo.

Hasta una nueva oportunidad. Exitos a todos

Hola amiga, un gusto saludarte, Feliz Navidad.
Aca te dejo mi oarticipacion:
Saludos, exito y feliz Navidad para todos.

El manejo de las emociones o inteligencia emocional es una actor que tiene una gran incidencia para el éxito, se debe tener dominio de las emociones para lograr tomar buenas decisiones.

Una excelente participación, Saludos

Dejo por aquí mi participación para este concurso. Saludos cordiales.

It sounds interesting . Yes, it is a bit tough but I would like to participate in it. But I have a doubt. As you have mentioned. Do I have to share about all the areas or can I do as I wish.

Do I have to share about all the areas or can I do as I wish.

Not all.. any thing you like. Even don't have to get from list. Any thing in your life.. 😃 Yep tough.. But useful if you face the challenge

this topic is really made for me as being a student how i manage my life and time.. will come back with my entry @randulakoralage

Valuable contest 😍😍
We can share what we do and learn what others do 🙊


Never thought of this topic. I don't have much but I would like to participate. 😍

I know you have something awesome ♥️

My Entry😊

Thank you for making such a valuable contest. I am sure that there will be many things to learn by the posts in this contest.

Good Luck!

Hello dear frind i do upvote and ifollow your great post, so you countless
Thank you so much for fun, funny writing. I'm a general steemit user. I want to follow the wonderful people like you. Please give me upvote and follow me.

Yes ... I' m really interesting and need to joint with this....♥️

Hmmm.....very interesting... I will definitely share my secret of success. Like How I achieved my goals step by step since now...It can be about anything, also about being happy.. isn't it??

Yes. Anything make your life successful and organized

Sounds interesting.

Waiting to see some.working from home hacks🙊

Hahaha sure.

sounds so interesting🤔🤩mm will see, I would like to share with you what I know

great idea. i will try to participate :)

You are welcome to join😃 I feel it's little difficult topic but it would be very valuable if everyone can share their secrets of success

i would love to share with everyone what i know :)

Mm.... I can know some great ideas from our fellow friends! Nice concept

😁write aboutyour money app

I don't have a money app.... 😁😁

Hey @randulakoralage here's my entry. I hope you will like ☺️

@randulakoralage This topic is something everyone is curious! I think there will be good entries with good life management tips ☺️❤️
Good luck!

Worth for both writing and reading

Excellent I already have my 5 keys to my success so I start doing this task he he greetings

oh really! I love to hear it!

I don't know why i am off the contests of steem SL. Will try this one out soon.

I missed you btw😊

I missed you too btw❤

😅😅 oh I am going to look

Nice contest. I look forward to learn a lot from this. 😌🤩

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