Three Months, 13 Contests, 255 Entries, 530 STEEM Gave Away! Steem Sri Lanka Contest Series is Officially Finished!

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Well, it has been 3 months since we started our community contest series "Steem Sri Lanka Contest Series". I am glad if you can take a few minutes to read our story so far.


It started even before we establish our community curator account @steem-sri.lanka. When I first launch this project, my primary intention was to give a chance to anyone who willing to organize a contest within the community. All objectives were achieved.

I am very happy to mention, it did a revolutionary change among other communities as well.

It is time to announce,
Steem Sri Lanka Contest Series has been Successfully Finished


Summary of the Series


Total Number of Contests : 13
Total Number of Entries : 255
Total Number of Steem Gave Away : 529 Steem
Time Spent : 13 Weeks (3 months)
Number of Organizers : 8
Countries Participated : Venezuela, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Japan, Turkey, Poland, Ghana.

Fluctuation of Number of Entries :


What Went Well

  • Hosts were able to comment on each and every post
  • We were able to increase the number of entries by the time
  • We could increase prize pool with the time
  • We were able to build strong relationships with other communities
  • Community activity increased
  • Commenting is motivated with prizes
  • We got a huge experience
  • We did promotions successfully
  • We got the support of @steemcurator02 votes
  • We were able to give support to entries with community curator account and @booming curation

What Went Wrong

  • We wanted to do a puzzle round but we gave up due to technical and language gaps, (but the experimental challenge we did went well after giving them additional support)
  • Lesser participation from some countries


What's Next?

We will come back after a little vacation!


Great work fellas! A great experience, huge engagement and supports all around the world! Even we could pass 30 entries at the end! Thank you to all the organizers, participants, and for all the voting supports! Hopefully, we can come up with a new concept soon!

Party in the vacation 🥤🥤

@randulakoralage I'm glad to be a part of this.

Total Number of Contests : 13
Total Number of Entries : 255
Total Number of Steem Gave Away : 529 Steem

With 255 total entries ❤️. Welldone steem srilanka community !

😃 I feel we stopped at the peak time😅

Absolutely ! Our progress was very good ❤️✨

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Successful end with good experiences , good lessons... ❤️

Not only that... I highly appreciate the unity and the collaboration of the Steem Sri Lanka community members... 💪

The other thing is the beloved contestants who trusted us and participated in our contest ... ❤️

This is the end of successful contest series 💪

Lucky you. Oyane mulin patan gaththe

I think this is a great achievement as a community. Everyone got chance to organize a contest and gained lot of experiences. Happy to be a part of that. Thank all who supported us! ❤️

yep. what a long time

Dear Steem Sri-Lanka Community.

I am very happy to have met them. It has been a great experience to participate in your contests and interact with users in your community.

@damithudaya closed the contest series with a "golden brooch"! We would say in Venezuela.

Personally, I loved the puzzle contest. But it has its difficulty to be done around here.

I wish you a good rest. May you renew your energy, and come back soon!

Hugs from Venezuela!

I love this community...Can I also join the party?😜

Love and wishes from India...

Sure Jyoti. There are lots of parties pending from them😅😅 they don't give

Your season of Contests was held very beautifully and i participated in the contest too.
And now i am waiting that when you will start the next round of the contests.
Thanks! dear @randulakoralage

Great work #steemsrilanka, your team had done great work. It was a very nice series of contests and I really joined taking part in that. And will always take part in your contests.

#onepercent #pakistan #affable

Hola. Espero que regresen con más concursos. Disfruté mucho de esta serie.

Los felicito. Por la gran organización que tuvieron. Los temas fueron muy atractivos y motivadores. Fue todo un éxitom


Thank you dear