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Hi everyone. It is our new year month, here in Sri Lanka. As always we are very excited to celebrate. I am here with Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest series week 06. I am also very excited as you all because this is my first time of organizing an contest. Looking forward for your interesting participations.


What it is about ?

Everyone of us have dreams. Among all those dreams it is one dream to have a home as we love. Most of us have an idea of a little home where we want to spend our future. Everyone of us may have dreamed to have a little home of our own.

We have our own imaginations and plans for future life. So, this is your chance to share your dream with all of us.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be a reality or something that will become a reality. It can be any imagination you have. You are planning to have. May be a dream you are having to build a home in a different area or may be a home you are planning to buy. May be it is out of your reach. But it doesn’t matter. We don’t have a limit to dream. Tell that dream you are having

Tell Us

  • What your dream home looks like
  • From when you were having this dream
  • Whom you want to live in that dream home
  • why this dream made you happy
  • How are you planning to achieve your dream if you are going to
  • You can use

  • Sketches
  • Drawings
  • Or images of your own
  • Try to be more creative of your work.

    Rules for you

  • Use the title of the post as; It is My Dream Home | Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series | Week 06 | Your Title.
  • Make sure to post your entry in Steem Sri Lanka Community .
  • Comment your entry link in this post.
  • Make sure content and images used are your original work. Plagiarism is strictly discouraged.
  • Post must be minimum of 300 words.
  • Make sure to put #mydreamhome and #yourcountry (for me it is #srilanka) tags in the post.
  • Upvote and resteem this post so more people will find about the contest.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed.

  • This contest begins on 3rd of April and will be running till the 10th of April at 8.00 PM (GMT + 5:30).
    Winners will be announced within 3 days after the contest ends.

    We will consider
  • Creativity
  • Relevance
  • How original it is
  • For judging
    Prizes for Winners
  • 1st place= 60% vote from booming01
  • 2nd place=50% vote from booming 01
  • 3rd place= 45% vote from booming 01
  • 4th place = 40% vote from booming01
  • 5th place = 8 steem
  • 6th place=5 steem
  • 7th place= 3 steem
  • CC: @steemcurator01


    Thank you for sharing about your special dream home. Entry No. 14

    I have a dream home❤

    let's see how it looks like 😍.

    You have been upvoted by randulakoralage, a Country Representative from Sri Lanka. we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator07 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

    Wow.. Earlier chance to build a home...
    Great topic.. Expect my entry Sooner..

    Earlier chance to build a home

    yeah build rebuild again and again. It is something lovely to plan ahead.

    I love this topic. There is a dream home in my mind. So I will participate in the contest. 🤗❤

    Yeah. everyone has dreams. this is one of sweet among all.

    Wow amiga, es sin duda un muy buen concurso y felicidades por tener tan buena idea en tu primer concurso!
    Voy a participar y les deseo suerte a todos❤️

    it is without a doubt a very good contest and congratulations for having such a good idea in your first contest!

    Thank you so much.

    Looking forward for your entry...

    I'm sure we can see many heart out writings here 😍

    Yeah. All of us have a home that lies in our heart 🥰.

    Dream house is really a dream of everyone and everyone must be having some interesting ideas regarding this..
    Let's make it..

    yes.. one of most wonderful dreams.

    Woow. A nice chance to think again about my dream home😍😍

    Yeah. I'm sure you have a nice and wonderful dream. let's share it with all 😊.

    What a wonderful contest, my biggest dream is to have my own house.

    It is the biggest dream for most of us and a lovely dream to have.

    These days it's the most relevant topic for me 🤭🤭

    Then I have picked the correct one. Hope you will share about your dream home 🤗.

    Yeah ☺️☺️... I will share mine soon ❤️

    Nice article about your dream home. Thank you for the participation. Entry No. 03

    Thank you for sharing about your dream of smart home 😊. Entry No. 04

    I also had a time when drawing my “dream home” on papers 😄 This is a nice contest & good luck! 💛

    Thank you.

    I also had a time when drawing my “dream home” on papers

    Nice to hear 😊. hope you will achieve your dream.

    Wow great topic sir..... Now I have to think about mine dream, by writing it down.

    Sure. Looking forward to see your dream here.

    Hey... Now a days I'm building that one.... Will share with you soon..

    Looking forward for your entry..

    Uncommon theme for a contest 😍😍

    dreams are always uncommon 😁. Come and dream with us...

    Love this topic 😍

    Great!! lets share your thoughts.

    An interesting dream for a home. thank you for sharing. Entry No. 07

    Winners will be announced within 3 days after the contest ends.

    I Have a Question?

    If the result of the contest is given within 3 days, if someone participates in the first, second or third day of this contest and if they are the winner, how will the prize be given to their post through @booming01? Because then seven days of their post will be completed.

    If they participate in first 3dyas and win, the prize vote will be given by selecting a new post of the winner.

    Thats great thank you.

    Can I use Pixabay photo as dream home? I've no home but have dreams 😢 @rasinkani

    If you are going to use photographs that doesn't own by you, make sure to add the correct sources with them.

    Sure dear 3G contest is not new to me and also won reward as steem too. Wish me luck will attend your contest too ❤️❤️❤️

    Looking forward for your entry. Good luck!

    Thanks dear ❤️

     last month (edited)

    It is lovely to build your dream with nature. Thanks for sharing. Entry No. 09

    Thank you @shohana1 for sharing your dream. Entry No. 12

    My pleasure dear, thank you

    Thank you for sharing your dream home. Entry No. 13

    You choose great subject, I will participate again.

    Good to hear. Feel free to share anything you love 😊.

    What a beautiful contest idea, where we can express ourselves creatively and talk about our dream. Thanks for this. :)
    Here's my Entry!

    Thank you for sharing about your nice and small dream house. Entry No. 15

    greetings from me to all my friends
    I am a newcomer, please help me if there is an error, Mohan, please help me in posting photos

    Thank you for sharing about your lovely dream.Entry No. 16

    Ok thanks dear.

    Hola, esta es mi participación en el concurso.


    ¡Suerte a todos!

    Thank you so much for sharing about your dream home. Entry No. 17

    It is nice to have a well organized plan of a home. even before we achieve it. Entry No. 19

    greetings, here is my entry

    Hope you will reach your dream home soon. Entry No. 22

    It's a nice topic because I have a dream home and will be sharing about it soon .💞

    Looking forward to read about your dream home 🤗.

    I have a query about images ,
    Can I include images from internet with source ?

    It is best if you can use your own images. if not use copyright free images and make sure to give credits and add the source.

    Thank you 💕

    Congratulations !
    We are the hope of the helpless posts.
    Your post has been manually rewarded by The Seven Team. Follow our Curation Trail or delegate us | 50SP | 100SP | 200SP | 300SP | 400SP | 500SP |
    Become in a Seven now.

    Thank you

    muchos tenemos ese gran sueño!! gran tema...

    Yeah. that's why thought of selecting this as my topic for the contest 😊.

    It is good to read about your dream. Thank you for sharing. Entry No. 28

    Thank you for telling us about your dream to turn a house into a home. Entry No. 29

    It is nice to live in a home with a big garden. Thank you for participating. Entry No. 30

    Hi this is my entry

    That's good to have a theatre at home. thank you for sharing with us. Entry No. 31

    Thank you dasuni for telling us about your dream of filling the home with love. Entry No. 32


    It is nice to read about your great dream of home. Thank you. entry No. 33

    Greetings, here is my entry

    That is a beautiful dream for a home. thank you for participating. Entry No. 34

    Thank you for writing about your swan. Entry No. 35

    It will be well secured and also beautiful of your dream home. Thank you for writing about it. Entry No. 36

    Gracias a ti por realizar este tipo de concurso.Saludos

    you are welcome!

    Esta es mi entrada para el concurso.
    Suerte a todos.


    Sea view will be great for a home. Thank you for sharing. Entry No. 37

    please update post with correct image sources. Links doesn't redirect to correct image.

    where to get the copywrite free images.
    I searched the images.
    open them in new tab.
    Copy the link then then i pasted it in post.
    I don't know why it is not working now.
    I joined the Steemit a few days ago So i don't know much about it.
    I worked hard in writing this post but all hardwork gone waste as the sources are not working.....Extremely dishearten when even your hard working don't accepted

    I didn't say it is not accepted. All I asked is you to correct the source links so I can mark your entry with the entry number 😊. Don't be discouraged. we have to give credits for others work. that's why we use sources. You can use below link to get copyright free images. and always give credits to owner.

    Thank you. Please be aware about content etiquettes next time. Good luck!! Entry No. 39.

    In these words is the dream of my family, the house that every day we dream of seeing it ready and habitable, it has been a long time to live in it, but we continue dreaming and hoping to see it finished and living in it, thanks for helping me to reaffirm my dream

    It is nice to know about your castle. Thank you for participating. Entry No. 40

    Looks like a big dream. Thank you for sharing. Hope you will achieve it one day. Entry No. 42

    We have closed the contest officially. You can check entry list from here.

    Wait for the results 🤗.

    I am really sorry to inform you that our contest has been closed before you have submit this. And don't be discouraged from this. You may have mistook the time. Join with our new contest The Favourite Country You Like To Visit | Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series| Week 07 this week.

    Link are now working. thanks for adding correct sources. Since You have entered into contest before I close, I will put entry number there. And a little suggestion for you, Try to do achievement 3. There you will learn so many things about content etiquettes 😊.