Announcing Contest: The Best Event Which I Ever Joined | Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series| Week 04 |5% for SL Charity

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Hello steemians,

Here is steem Sri Lanka 3G week 4..!!!
So, I'm delighted to announce a contest which is hosted by the Steem Sri Lanka 3G community.



We all have participated in sports, dancing, announcing or any other events during the school period or at university or our workplace.
Of course, they are very pleased memories.
Especially the photos we took on those occasions help us to relive those fond memories.

So through this contest, I hope to entitle you to share with others your experience of the best event you have ever had at your college, university or anywhere.
I'm sure that this should be a cheerful contest.

You can include

  • What is the best event in which you participated? It can be a concert, drama, wedding, party or anything
  • When did you participate in it?
  • By whom did it organize?
  • What are the unforgettable incidents which you faced there?
  • How did you practice for it?
  • What was your contribution?

Let's see what the conditions are:

  • The title of your post must be ;
    The Best Event Which I Ever Joined | Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series| Week 04
  • Make sure to put your entry in Steem Sri Lanka Community and put your entry link in the comment section of this post.
  • This contest is open for anyone who interests in this.
  • Try to be more creative in your work.
  • Make your contest with at least 300 words.
  • Share your original images in that event in which you participated in. A single picture will not be enough.
  • Make sure to use these tags #besteventever so we can easily find your entries.
  • Resteem this post.

This contest begins on the 20th of March and will be running till the 27th of March at 8.00 p.m (Sri Lanka Time).

Winners will be announced within 3 days after the contest.


1st place= 60% vote from booming04
2nd place=50% vote from booming 04
3rd place= 45% vote from booming 04
4th place = 40% vote from booming04
5th place = 8 steem
6th place=5 steem
7th place= 3 steem

Judging Criteria


Cc: @steemcurator01


@luiyi-22 thank a lot dear. It's a nice one. This is the entry no. 14

Thank you!


Here we go again..

Thank u Ran for your immense support ❤️

Nice contest akke😍

Thank you malli💛

Different topic ! Good one

Thank you @madhu❤. Waiting for your one.

Good luck for your first contest 😍😍
Interesting contest...... !!!!!

Thank you my buddy ❤. I know that you have so many events. Waiting for ur one also.

Hello @roshipeiris , this is My entry 🔥

Thank a lot my buddy❤️. It aroused my school memories .This is the entry no.31

Wow I have a lot to share 💞

Looking forward your lovely entry dr❤️

Oh, this is nice! Good luck with your first contest. 🤗💛

Thank u @thisarani96.❤️ hope to see your entry

Woow.. ❤️a nice start for the contest. This is the entry no.1

thanks you , its a great contest , i will be waiting the next contest, i liked so much

Yes indeed, we look forward to your participation🤗

Thank you very much for your participation. A nice article❤. This is entry no.03

Hola!! Muchas gracias por elaborar tan increible concurso, nos dio mucha alegria hacer nuestro post, en verdad lo disfrutamos :)

Aquí esta nuestra entrada:

Un gran saludo!!

Thank a lot for your participation dr🤗. This is the entry no.04

Woow. THank you so much dasu. ❤️a nice article .this is the entry no.6

El idioma en cualquier idioma?

Yeah sure. You can write it in any language

Perfecto gracias entonces ya hago el mio.

Welcome dr. Waiting for your nice entry🤗

Cool topic! 😍 I'm sure we can see many interesting stories for this. All the best with the contest @Roshi !💓

Thank you @supunchandra. Um waiting for your entry also🤗

It's great @zhanavic69 . Thank you for your participation 🤗 This is the entry no.07

How cool 07 is one of my favorite numbers since I was born in the month of July and it's 07.

What a wonderful thing. Stay with our contest . You may be an one of our winners. 🤗

I loved the theme of this contest and even more to write based on my experience! Here my participation:

wooow.. Thank a lot.🤗 a nice experience .This is the entry no.08

@roshipeiris I have lot of events for sharing. I will select the best one and write. 🙊

Hello, a pleasure to participate in this contest, here is my entry:

woow.It's a pleasure to see your participation too. Thank a lot. 🤗 This is the entry no. 12

Thank you for such a wonderful contest. Greetings from the island of pearls "Margarita", Venezuela.
#onepercent #venezuela

This is really very good initiative, I will try to participate.

@hmetu thank a lot dear. Waiting for your nice emtry❤️

¡Hola! Muy buenas tardes, excelente oportunidad para recordar estos eventos que nos trajo mucha felicidad. Aquí te dejo mi publicación:

@raquwlsiso1 wooow..a nice article ..thank a lot dear.❤️ This is the entry no.13

This is so nice!! Let's wait to see many nice events..
Now the problem is what will I choose as the best. Anyway I'll choose one and participate.

All the very best with your first contest Roshi!!🤗🤗

Thank you very much @prasadi.❤ looking forward to your entry.. I'm sure that it would be a nice one.🤗

Um sure that this should be an unforgettable moment in your life .Thank a lot for your nice article. This is the entry no.15

Thanks dear friend for accepting my entry ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you my friend .it should be a nice article ❤️. This is the entry no.16

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thank you dear friend a hug 🤗🤗🤗 @roshipeiris

Thank a lot my friend for your nice article 🤗. This is the entry no.18

thank a lot dr for your nice article 🤗. This is the entry no.19

thank a lot my friend for your nice article 🤗. This is the entry no.20

Thank a lot dear for your nice article 🤗. This is the entry no.22

Thank you dr for your nice article ❤️. This is the entry no.23

thank you so much my friend .🤗. This is the entry no.25

Nice topic @roshipeiris . Thanks for organizing 💖. here is my entry for the contest.

Thank u dr❤️ and thank a lot for the article .Thos is the entry no.26

Finally, I have done writing about it. Thanks for this wonderful contest :)
Here's my entry!

Thank a lot my friend for your nice article .🤗This is the entry no.27

27 people already wrote about their special event! That's a huge success of this contest. I have read and supported some, will love to go through more...
Thanks again for this amazing contest ☺☺

Thank a lot for your lovely words my friend ❤️🤗

thank a lot my friend for the nice article 🤗. This is the entry no. 28

thank you for this contest it made me feel like readily good

Resteemed this article. Thank you for supporting Steem community.

Welcome my friend 🤗. It's a pleasure to organize and conduct such a contest in this steem community.

Woow.thank a lot my friend for your nice article 🤗.This is the entry no.29

It's a nice post dr.thank a lot🤗 .This is the entry no.30

Thank you so much prasadi for your nice article 🤗.This is the entry no.34

Saludos @roshipeiris aquí le dejo mi Participación
Esperando sea de su Agrado y deseándole suerte a todos los Participantes

Greetings @roshipeiris here is my Participation -by-fourth

Hoping it is from your Agrado and wishing luck to all Participants

Thank you so much my friend for your entry.🤗 This is no.35

Hi this is My Entry

Thank you so much dr for the entry🤗. but at the last moment🤭This is the entry no.36

Noo I posted it yesterday. I just forgot to post the link here. 😬 I got the notification before a few minutes .it's ok🤗🤗

Thank a lot my friend for your entry🤗 . But the contest is over when you send your entry.

😥😥.... Alright... Next time friend 🙏

Yeah of course my friend . Bt thank a lot for your nice entry🤗🤗

Hello friends, how are you? Excuse me, I wanted to know if the contest is over.

And if I have the opportunity to participate.


Yes my friend , the contest is over now. If you like, there is a new contest going on right now in our community ..Thank a lot for being touch with us🤗

Buenas noches amiga aqui esta mi participación, hoy fue que vi el concurso y por eso mi entrada tarde, espero y sea ricibida, un abrazo desde Venezuela

thank a lot for the entry dr🤗. But it's sad to say that the entry has already finished