Steem Sri Lanka Ice Breaking Comment Contest | My Pet| Week - 02 | 5% for SL Charity 🤠🤠🤠

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Hello steemians!

It is the 2nd week of our contest. From 1st week, I realized that many of us like to travel. It is a nice explosion of your ice mode as we expect. Pleasure to see that there were so many participants from the each corner of the world. Let’s figure out about the week -02 of this contest.


With this covid-19 pandemic most people are staying at home and doing their day to day work. Thanks to that you can spend all the day with your family. I can assure that there is one special member in your family, whom you love mostly… whom you share your thoughts…Who is with you at the happiness and sadness. Let me guess…. I think it is your pet. So in this week we can see nice photographs about your pet. Since many of us having or had pets, this will be very easy and popular topic for you.
What you have to do is to write small description about it and comment to this post. Inviting you all to participate for your pet and enjoy this contest.


These are the simple guidelines🧐🧐🧐

  • Just upload a photo of your pet and write few words as a comment to this post. You can add up to max 3 photos.

  • All photos must belonged to you or must be taken by you.

  • Photos with your pet are welcome and it must be clear enough to recognize.

  • You must write about 20 - 50 words about your pet. You can write about name / pet name, how did you find, gender, age and unforgettable memories with it.


Prizes for winners😎😎😎

There will be selected top 10 winners and will receive 1 STEEM for each and every winner.

Other than that Steem Sri Lanka upvotes will be received for the best four places as follows.

1st place - 40%
2nd place - 30%
3rd place - 20%
4th place - 10%


Winners notification😉😉😉

Winners will be notified before July 11, 2021.


Please note : The contest will be closed on July 08, 2021 at 4 pm in Sri Lankan time.

I think you will not be miss this opportunity....😍😍😍

I'm waiting for your comments...😜😜😜



She's Nutella, the most little cat of my four cats, she was taken from the streets with less one month of life I think. Now is growing each time.


The black panther, He is Silvestre... About 6 months of life, he was a fear cat and now is the more stronger and big of the fourth.


And she's Nucita, my favorite, is a lady, a really pretty cat what I love with all my Heart!

The last cat is called Tesoro but run out of pics🤣😅

Mmmm I didn't know that you are a cat lover..... 😱😱😱
Nutella, Nucita, Tesoro and Silvestre,
Nucita looks a little proud girl 🙊🙊🙊🙊

I am ;) I love every animal , I got pigs as well😅

And yes, she's 🤣 sometimes is hard to handle

 3 months ago (edited)

Hey Friend, I was waiting for your entry.....Thank you very much @alejos7ven...

she was taken from the streets

Know one become someone.... Great work buddy...
Little cuties..@randulakoralage what is your opinion????

Oh! For me is a pleasure join to the SL activities ;)

your little kitties 😍. Nucita looks like the hard to handle girl 😂.

Yes, she's😅😅

what a cat rain

Ha haa it's happy to see you that you are a cat lover🤗

Ahahahahahahaa,,,, well anyhow, the cat is very cute 🙈

@alejos7ven ... Sorry I did not notice your hairstyle... I like it...Nice colour....

thank you!!

My naughty girl, who is one year old now, suddenly became so big. She is a Labrador retriever and a very friendly dog...


She loves to play with snow and always loves to go out and explore... a Very curious dog she is... But always keep me on my toe...


@priyanarc Hi friend,

Your pictures confirming that,

a Very curious dog she is

Dog is really good member for family. Making nice memories...
Pleasure see your entry here...😃😃😃

I think she is grown now. Labradors are smart and very cute

waaahhhh,,, can I have one of this? very adorable dog 😍

How cute she is??? 😍

suddenly became so big

So true friend.... My puppy is also same...

Oh Beautiful dog

I have had many cats for past few years and only had a dog once when I was too little to remember. He got into an accident and after that I had to always fight to have a pet. My parents didn't wanted to see them get hurt or die.


This guys came to our home about 8 months ago. he was lost. Funny thing is, I thought it is a girl but came out to be a boy when he grow up 😂.

tiki 1.jpg

We always fight, not in a angry manner, since I am the only one who will play with him, he fights with me always. He is so curious about everything, like a kid. Always try to find what is around him. Most of the time, this brings trouble for both of us.


If I ignore him because of something he did, he knows there is something wrong. always know how to make it up with his charming eyes 😒.

@rasinkani, Hmm most steemians likes cats.....Great... Here is another one....😜😜😜

always know how to make it up with his charming eyes

They also have heart, like us. They know what is good and bad ( Up to some extend). He is a good contester... I can guarantee that..... 🤠 🤠 🤠

They know what is good and bad

He is like the bad boy in the family, but gets all the love 😂.

another cat lover😍 cute ane

Thank you roshi 🥰

Nice clicks Rasi.... Absolutely beautifulll🤩🤩🤩

Thank you 😊


Yes, it is the name of my past pet. One year before, he went to heaven but kept all of his memories in the deepest point of my heart. He didn't know that he is a dog. He always tried to act like a human. He loves to travel. When I start my car he wants to go with me. His favorite food is yogurt. The funniest thing is he had feared the dark. We don't make him a cage. He lived inside the home with us & he sleeps in my bed. I'm not going to talk more because my eyes become wet when I remember him.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-04 at 10.24.55 AM.jpeg
Shello with me

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-04 at 10.24.55 AM (1).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-04 at 10.24.55 AM (2).jpeg
Shello with my wife

Completely I can understand you ayye. But don't worry. Shello is a lucky dog.

We don't make him a cage.

You have given him a peaceful, free life ... it is worth ayye ... ❤️❤️❤️

The funniest thing is he had feared the dark

I thought my Jimee is the only dog who fears to dark....

I missed him badly... In my phone gallery, I have a full photo collection of him...

Even if they are so big, they are just like babies. So friendly and playful 💖.

Yes... He is very playful... We had a fight every night before going to bed to reserve a pillow... He always need my pillow

I am pretty sure, he was your fairy tale.... You guys are increasing the value of this contest by this type of entries... Really appreciate your work. Thanks buddy....His soul still might be staying around you... Try to reconnect... Times has comes... Simple tip for you machan....

Hmm.. He might be with us.. I can understand your tip bro...

He is so adorable!!! Sorry about his loss

I still can't believe his loss... He was a child to us...

When I saw your pet, I remembered my dog shen. His appearance is same to your dog. But now I don't know that where is he.

Shen was shello's previous name.. After we owned him we changed his name.. Nice combination.

@ruwankumara(59); We can understand what you feel due to his demise well because we had to face such situation twice. The void made in our mind by one pet cannot be filled by an another. We have lot of sweet memmories with each & every missed pets which brings tears any time.😥

It was really painful .. We can't fill their space from another. So we decided not to move for another pet. 😥😥

Good day @saman88.

She's Jam, five years old. I got her through my friend, since she was 1 month old. She is a jealous dog but the sweetest of all. When she see other dogs, she would fight it to dead, but when we scold her, we could see tears in her eyes.




Hi @hae-ra,
Your Jam is really nice...photogenic....I love it....
Good entry for the contest...

she would fight it to dead, but when we scold her, we could see tears in her eyes

Do you know the reason for that??

If we can control our feelings with our mind ( very difficult) we can win....

Hello @saman88. yes, she is also very emotional dog, but the most happy and hyper dog when we pet and play with her.

I like her pose.

She is a jealous dog

Ha haa always. very normal. she is laughing. so adorable nose.

ahahahaha,,, thank you randula, she always like to pose like that.

She is beautiful......💕💕

She is a jealous dog

My Jimee is also same... If I petted another dog, my Jimee angry with me for a while 🙊🙊🙊

This is my Bingo, He is 2 years old. A male dog who is crazy and adorable. He is so obedient. He is a happy dog. He is always happy because we all love him as a kid.


Funny things :
Bingo doesn't eat food unless we touch his head. He rolls over when he asks to bathe. Bingo eats things that he doesn't eat when the cat comes to eat them.


This is my cat, Fooch. 8 months old male cat. He is so greedy. He eats multiple times a day. He plays with the dog's tail and bingo hates it. Fooch is cute and adorable. He likes to visit with me everywhere and also photogenic.

Here we have the 1st lucky commenter for the week 02.

Bingo doesn't eat food unless we touch his head

Are you serious??? It is means you have made him perfectly...Good work buddy.

Fooch is cute and adorable

I like it...

My choice is goes to Bingo.He is proudly looking.

yeah cat is an utter joke

Bingo is looking so innocent dog❤️❤️ And I'm not in cats subject but this cat is looking so clean than the other cats I have seen usually. Specially ape gedarata ena anawasara poosonta wada....😹😹

Ah. the bingo boy and the fooch boy. I like fooch, but bingo is adorable in the first photo 🙊.

we have twin cats

When I see ur cat and dog, my mind always says me to find a pet😋

wowwww!! hi Bingo. she's also like my dog, sometimes bite-playing with my hands.

Your cat is really a food climber hehehe.


My pet name is Blue , He is a 1 year old Betta fish well known as Fighter fish. I got him as a gift from my friend who also a crazy fish lover as me .


When I got him he was just 4 months old ,I remember on the first day he jumped out of the tank, because it's a new place for him.


Blue is my favorite fish of all time .

Ahh haa.... Finally found a fish lover like me.... This type is aggressive.... But very beauty....Let see he can defeat others.....

Hi saman , they are aggressive like their name but no other can match their beauty
Thank you :)

how colorful! I don't like to keep fish but I like to enjoy when others do

Hi randula, you should try ..... you'll love it

Namata galapena maluwa.... Maluwata galapena nama...💙💙

Thank You :)

Hey there!


My pet cat is Ithu. When I got her from one of our neighbors, she was 3 months old. Now she is 3 years old cat.😍


She loves to stay with me when I doing my works at table and stepping over the laptop. 🤣


Her favorite thing is to sleep anywhere at anytime. She is very adorable. I really love my pet cat Ithu. It's a very nice feeling to have a pet cat. ❤

Her favorite thing is to sleep anywhere at anytime

These pictures confirming that really well ......Lazy cat... I like her...

Ha haaa.. My sleepy girl 😉😉😉


Ha haa.. can You remember this?😍

Why not? Lovely memories... 😍

Anna Sandupith inno 🙊🙊🙊

hi little cutie cat 😍

Hi hi 😍

When have you been a good photographer? 😺😺😺😺

Since... I can't remember 🤣

Aneh.. how sweet she is!! 😍

She is so sweet neh... 😍😉


Saludos Feliz día, ella es mi bella Lulú, va a cumplir un año desde que llegó a nuestra casa, aunque la mayoría de su especie son mordelones, ella es muy sutil y amorosa no picotea, no sé dónde vendría pero llegó a nuestra casa ya domésticada, apareció en el patio de mi casa y con miedo de que me fuera a picotear, le tendi mi mano y subió a ella sin hacerme daño, le di un poquito de mango y comía muy desesperada, tenía hambre.


Lulú llegó a nuestro hogar para darnos alegrías, ella dice Hola, aprendió a silbar A reír jajajaja y otras cosas más unos días es muy tranquila y otros escandalosa. Le gusta comer pasta, pan, masa y frutas.



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@disconnect Thank you very much...

@sandupi Thank you for your participation.

That is Jimee is the one and only pet in my life.

This words show me that, how much you love Jimee....

I'm sure this will be a memorable contest to you.
Yes. But your the people who can do it, support me.

Anytime ayye...💪

wow ...Good contest.. I will be participated this contest with my beautifull pet...😜😜

You are welcome....

do you have a pet?

why not?

First thing:
You should have a pet 🙊

He is having many....

Buen día @ssman88 y amigos de @steemsrilanka.

Les presento a mi mascota. Un felino muy elegante y amistoso. Se llama Sinforoso.


Comparte tranquilamente con mis otras mascotas. Y también con los niños.


Suele ser atrevido. Pues se mete en las casas de mis vecinos, para que lo consientan.


Le fascina que lo acaricien con los pies. Es un gato muy cariñoso y sensible.
Él sabe cuando estoy muy cansada y hasta triste porque me busca más y me da su afecto.
Tener una mascota es muy especial. Yo amo a mi gato Sinforoso!!

@pnessy , Tu mascota, Sinforoso bienvenido aquí ... Es muy lindo gatito ..😘😘😘😘

I am sorry to say that I do not have a pet.😐

Ohh buddy.... Sorry to hear that...

Shiro Patricio es el primer gato que tenemos en casa siempre solíamos tener perros pero necesitaba un cazador de ratones así que Shiro llegó a la casa y desde que llegó ha hecho una gran labor.


Aunque a él no le gusta ser muy cariñoso, respeta las reglas de la casa como: no subirse jamás a la cama de nosotros ni sillas y hasta ahora él ha respetado eso, aunque a veces se acuesta en los muebles. Él es un macho ya es adulto pero aún es atlético y caza hasta los ratones de los vecinos.


Fotografia familiar tomada con un teléfono celular Alcatel Tetra.

 3 months ago (edited)

Shiro Patricio tiene una cara como una cazadora silenciosa .... Me gustan sus ojos ...

@saman88 si él es un cazador silencioso, hace un gran trabajo.
Sus ojos son muy bonitos. Gracias por comentar😊

This is my pet. His name is puuch 8-month-old male cat. I think we are at his house. He was this way when he was lazy.

photo_2021-04-21_19-28-58 (3).jpg

In addition to eating, his other job is to sleep.When he sleeps, everyone should be quiet. Otherwise, you will even have to listen to his angry miows🤣


However, he is very cute at bedtime. And only then can we be free


Puuch is pure white cat ❤️❤️

What about tail???

Nope I said about his white 😬😬😬

@ashen99 Best photo collection....Nice work buddy...

Thank You aiye

Good evening everyone especially to all the members of this wonderful community #SteemSriLanka. I would love to send in my entry for the contest #MyPet which is beautifully initiated by our dearest @saman88.

Since I was a little child I am a dog lover already, my parents has two beautiful dogs which named Jacky and Jhong Ki and they all lived long years from us because if I'm not wrong Jacky lived with us for more than 13 years old enough for a dog right and Jhong Ki died in his sleep and he is 11 years old and 8 months at that time.


When my time that I have a family of my own I have two dogs with me already, 1st one is Brownie who has passed away at the age of 9 years old and the other one is with us til now and his name comes from a character of a korean drama actor Bong Ki whom I often watched. Bong Ki was jus a little baby when we adopted him from his real owner because of the growing numbers of his pets so he has to give them away for he can't take good care of them anymore.


He is a very adorable dog, he's everybody's favorite especially my children they took them as their little sibling and the youngest member of the family.

Now that he has grown up for he is 10months old already he has become more demanding and more clingy for everytime I goes home from work he wanted me to cuddle him and sing him til he fell asleep. He is my little darling like my youngest he loves to be the center of our affection.


Last picture says it all, he really is a good dog. He behaves well especially when I bring him in the church as if he is listening to the preach our dearest leader. He is such and adorable and loveable kind of dog so that's why we truly love and take good care of him.

@jenny018 I'm highly appreciate your entry here ...

especially my children they took them as their little sibling and the youngest member of the family

That is what a lovely pet can do... But I like your 1st picture...He was so cute...

Well thank you Sir he really is very cute 😊

Holaaa buenas tardes @saman88 aqui estoy de nuevo participando en tu tierno concurso de mascotas... Hoy vengo a presentarte con mucho orgullo y emoción al rey consentido de mi hogar que lleva por nombre "Tigre" 🐶🐕 y es lo más tierno que puede existir.


Tigre llegó a nuestro hogar desde cachorrito que una amiga me lo obsequio y desde entonces se ha convertido en el consentido de toda la familia.


Se llama Tigre porque así lo pusieron mis niñas 🐶 y nos gustó mucho y a él también le gustó.

Su raza es criollito y tiene 2 años, es un perro muy tierno y es el guardián de nuestro hogar.

Un recuerdo inolvidable con el es que cuando llegó a nuestra casa desde el primer día nos amó tanto que recuerdo se puso muy sensible y tierno y nos hizo cariñito con su cabeza y movía su cola como queriendo decir que estaba feliz de estar con nosotros.

Fue un placer para mí presentarles a mi tierna mascota 🐕🐶🤗 espero todos amen a sus mascotas asi como yo amo a Tigre porque ellos son los seres más inocentes y tiernos del mundo,,, y son los mejores amigos que podemos tener.

Gracias por leerme🤗

Las fotografías fueron tomadas desde mi smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note7 📱

@elecris Dale una calurosa bienvenida a tu tigre aquí ...

Tigre llegó a nuestro hogar desde cachorrito que una amiga me lo obsequio y desde entonces se ha convertido en el consentido de toda la familia.

Es bueno estar aquí que ... Deberíamos tratarlos como nuestro miembro de la familia ...

Sii así es amigo @saman88 🤗

2021-07-03 13-40-23.JPG
Location : Dooars, India.
Date of photography : 29-March-2021.
Time of photography : 11:17 am.
Device Name : Poco M2 Pro.

I met my furry friend in our trip to Dooars. He was sitting on a guard-wall and enjoying the view of the mountain and the valleys.

We had photo session and a quick snack time with biscuit.

To reach Dooars, international travelers need to fly to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU) first. Then you can reach to Siliguri by Air (domestic flight to IXB) or by train or by road.

We also like have this view....

He was sitting on a guard-wall and enjoying the view of the mountain and the valleys.

My beloved Mimin !!!


For me talking about my pet is a real pleasure, her name is Mimin, she has been in my house for 7 years, I found her near my house a few blocks away, she was a little smaller and I asked my mother @ yennyr72 for permission to adopt her , she accepted and we asked the neighbors to find out if she had an owner, they said that not then we brought her to our home, it has been a great blessing, where I am she lies down or sits, there very close to me, there is so much love that I She feels that at night I go to my aunt's house, who is my neighbor, and then she goes there too.


This cat has turned out to be my protective guardian, one night a stray cat entered the house, it was looking for the exit and confused, it pounced on me while I was sleeping, the cat was on top of it attacking it until it ran out. From that moment on she sleeps at the entrance of my room, it is too beautiful to tell you these anecdotes lived with her.
I really enjoy her company, I am aware of everything she needs, food, water, medicine and above all affection, because she is part of her family.


I want to thank @saman88 for this contest.

She has keen eyesight. Appreciate your entry here.....@jesusjj8 Thank you very much.

My pet is "Kesi" who is a crossed puppy of a Dashion & a Silky Terrior, two years old.He lives with us & always follows my foot steps.

I am his one & only Mom and I call him as "මගෙ පුතා" ("My Son").😍 We have breakfast & dinner together.During day time while I am at office,he sleeps under our bed without having meals & doesn't come out.😥
When we return home at the end of a hectic day, he runs around us, jumps up & down,stands up on his rear feet till we cuddle him.

Kesi can run fast & we enjoy by watching him while running.If he realizes that I am going to bathe him, he runs away fast & hides under our bed. Hence,I have to lift & bring Kesi as an infant to wash room by cheating.😁

----- Cham -----

 3 months ago (edited)

Actually I was thinking, whether will you participate for this?? I know you are commenting each and every post. Thanks Cham.


I like this funny, craziest pet.

I badly wanted to participate this. Because all of us love pets. Actually they are better than some of human beings.😁Sure that any of us can't limit to 50 words. 😊

Actually it is not a limitation... I was expected some short and sweet feeling about your pet. You could use at least 50 words... But I was unlucky to talked about my pet......But included his picture this post....

This is Leo and he is 7 months old now. I received him as a gift from my boyfriend and it was one of the best gifts I have ever received. 🙊

Leo was 38-days old when he came to our home.

I love his eyes. It just like he is wearing kajal in those eyes. 😅

Leo's main job is eating. Eating everything!! Or staring at what others are eating. Leo has no doggy friends. So, he always wants to be friends with cats. 🤭 We had a cat in our house but several days ago he died. He was Leo's only friend. But now he is no more and Leo is alone. He lost his playmate. ☹️

Leo is so stubborn and also loves to be petted. He easily gets friendly with everyone. So, we have to protect him instead of he protecting us. 🤨 After doing something wrong Leo is very good at pretending he didn't do anything. Playing with him is lots of fun. He is a better companion to me. When I talk to him he always staring at me like he understands everything I'm saying. Leo is so adorable. I love him so much. ❤️

leo is so cute Thisarani. 😍

Thank you roshi😍💛

@thisarani96 You are welcome here...

he always wants to be friends with cats

That is good news... I heard that, cat and dogs are not good friends....

I heard that, cat and dogs are not good friends....

Leo turned this saying into a "lie" 😌

Leo! Leo!! Leo!!!

After doing something wrong Leo is very good at pretending he didn't do anything.

My Jimee is also same... They are super actors 🐶🐶🐶

Yes!!! And cute thieves also! 🤭♥️