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How many times have your Smartphone Ran Out of Juice while you are working?? How many days did you wake up With a Dead Battery?? I have plenty of such memories.. In situations like this, you want to charge your Smartphone As Fast as Possible, Right??

Charging Speed

Charger is what cause the Charging Speed. Charging speed is measured as the power supplied by the Charger to the Battery to be Charged. It's measured by Watts (W). As for me, my Charger is 18W Fast Charger.


I Bought From AliExpress for $4..
Few years back, there was no concern about Charging Speed. Most chargers had the Capability of charging at 5W or 10W speed. But the time pass by, People became busy as they can't take Hours to Charge Their Smartphones. So, Charging Speed became a matter. So, Smartphone Companies kept experimenting on it. Recently, Charging Speed became a Main Selling Point of Some Smartphones too.



As a result, fast chargers were made. Pioneers of Fast Charging was The BBK Electronics. BBK Group consists of a few Smartphone Brands. They are Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus and Realme. So, they introduced their technologies through their Smartphones. Nowadays, all Smartphone Companies made their own Fast Chargers.


Brands in BBK Group

18W Fast Charger

Usually a 18W Charging Brick deliver 6V/3A or 9V/2A as it sums up for 18W.

30W Fast Charger

There are a few Generations of 30W Chargers since it was introduced. Current Generation is 50% more faster than the First Generation.


Oneplus 7T comes with a 2nd Gen 30W Charger

Present Status

Nowadays almost all Smartphone Makers use Super Fast Chargers. Apple and Samsung are not in that Game. But other Manufacturers are deeply in it. Specially Smartphone Brands in BBK Group and Xiaomi. Most recent Flagship Smartphones of them Support 65W fast Charging and it usually charge a Battery 0% to 100% within 30 Minutes 😂. That's crazy fast. That's not it. Xiaomi and Vivo introduced 120W Fast Charging. The Charging Brick is a bit huge.


Fully Charged in 15 Minutes 😂

Negative Side

Fast Charging may decay the Battery faster. This will cause the vBattery Health. Fast Charging heats up the Battery faster. And Heat is not a Best friend of Batteries. When Delivering Higher Number of Amperes, the data cables also produce heat. It'll damage the internal Structure.



In order to achieve fast charging, architecture of the battery had to be changed. The Battery had to be Separated into a few Sections. Power was delivered separately.


Oneplus 8T Battery

To reduce heat, Coolant chambers were built under the Battery. To increase the Lifetime of Battery, they used Graphene, a Nano structure of Carbon. Cross Sectional Area was Increased in Data cables to reduce Heat which made in it.


A Vapor Chamber Structure

Future of Fast Charging

I think Fast Charging came so far within last 2 Years. And that's really enough. What have to do is Improving those technologies without increasing the Number of Watts Delivered. Also, there is a Trending going on not to include Charger in the Retail Box.First, it was Apple. But now, other Manufacturers also doing it. So, the Hype Of Fast charging Is coming To a Dead End.


No Charger in Samsung S21 Lineup

Nowadays Fast Charging is Essential for a Smartphone But Ultra Fast Charging is not needed. Surely it has Side effects whatever the technologies were introduced. 40W - 50W Fast Charging is enough for me. It can charge a 4500mah battery within less than Hour. But Let's see what's gonna happen in Future..


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How many days did you wake up With a Dead Battery??

Even the last night this happened😅😂 But everyday my power bank helped me.

it usually charge a Battery 0% to 100% within 30 Minutes

Wow 😍 Pleasure to hear. Hopefully this will be better when I will buy my next phone🤭

But everyday my power bank helped me.

What If power bank is dead...??

Hopefully this will be better when I will buy my next phone🤭

This'll be better by august this year 😁😁

My mobile phone supports fast charging and it helps me a lot..

That's true for me too..


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