THE DIARY GAME : 2021/01/14 : Holiday... Sunny Day...

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Dear Diary, So, Thai Pongal Day. A Holiday For me. So, No Lectures. I wanted Sleep more But Again, our Cat. Came To my room With a Low Tone.


Before Starting The High Pitch Meowing..
Like Begging to Go Outside. But Soon After I lit up The Lights, he started Meowing. So, I opened a Window and Let him go Out.


Simple Steps..
I Honesty started Working on my Statistics Problem. And it went Well. But I gotta do more. Actually, I hoped Heavy rain as Yesterday. Surprisingly, it was so Sunny in the Morning.


So Good To See The Blue Sky..
I Put Peppercorns we Picked to Dry. Hell it was so sunny During the day.


I Started Watching The First Test Match of Sri Lanka vs England. Oh man.. It was a Disaster. Sri Lankan Batsmen just Threw their Wickets away and eventually They All Out for 135. It was a Real Shame how Foreign Commentators Talked about it. Actually, Commentators Such as Naseer Hussain was So Disappointed Seeing Sri Lanka Preform Like this.


Kusal Mendis.. Again.. Golden Duck..
I stopped Watching the Match. So, I watched a Movie. It was a Russian one, Spacewalker. It is a Historical Drama film about the mission of Alexi Leonov, the First man Who walked on Space. It was a Great Movie despite it is Russian. Graphics, Action.. All Good.


Worth Watching..
I went to Backside of our House. And Look what I found.. Nam Nam.. There was a lot. Fruits Grow so quickly when it rains. So is Nam Nam. But they were Tasty though. I gave Some for Parents too. I enjoyed them while I was Doing Work.


Nam Nam On The Tree..
It was No Rain Until the Evening. The Sky was so Clear and Also Beautiful. I took some Photos too. I was thinking of taking some Long Exposure Photos at Night. But I felt Asleep Early even if I tried More Coffee.


Beautiful Sky..


Thank You for Reading and Special Thanks to @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 for the Continuous Support!


Nam Nam..

I love to eat.😋 There is Nam Nam tree in my home garden too.

Beautiful Sky..

Both sky photos are beautiful!!

I found.. Nam Nam..

I have never tasted this before

Are u from Sri lanka girl??
Come on...

😅😅😅 yeah but.. No

Surprisingly, it was so Sunny in the Morning.

Yeah 😂😂 Nature amazes us these days !!!
Match.... The match.... I think most suitable work is doing another work without wasting time... No???? 🙊🙊🙊🙊

Nam Nam ... One of my favorite fruit. We have three Nam Nam threes... How you eat them?? I cut them in to pieces and add them to salt water... That is so yummy 💪🤗

I think most suitable work is doing another work without wasting time... No???? 🙊🙊🙊🙊

It's too late to make my mind to do so..😂😂😂😂

How you eat them??

Sometimes I eat without doing anything crazy..
If I have time,I do somthin crazy.. Cout into pieces and add salt and chilly power 🙊🙊🙊🙊