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Hello beloved steemians,
I hope everyone is fine....🤗

Today I'm going to tell you about The Angels of My Garden.

Angels??? Who??

My garden is full of various kinds of flowers... Out of them, Orchids are everywhere... And also they are in different colours too... That is why I call Orchids "Angels". 🙊

Purple Yellow Couple


Look at carefully.... Both are same colour... But the purple and yellow content differ... But the colour of bud is same...

There are seven varieties of Orchids in my garden. Some of them take two colours... Some of them take one colour... Each flower has five petals eventhogh they are differ from colour or size... That is a common feature of them...

Purple white couple


This is the another couple... Both have white background... But there has a purple frame around the petals in one kind... And also you can see buds are also differ in colour...

If they are Angels, Who is the Queen???

There is no doubt... Definitely my mom is the queen... she lovingly cares for her flowering plants ... she waters them twice a day ... and she fertilizes them weekly ... she gets huge pleasure from it....

Smallest one of the gang


This is the smallest type among others... They don't react to the wind... Because they are very short... 😬

According to my mom, orchids needs morning sun rays too much... Orchids are weak in fragrance... But colourful... So orchids are used in decoration works highly.... Orchids are a good income... But my mom do it as a hobby..🤗🤗

Innocent Couple


Both of them have calm and innocent look... I mostly us this both to worship lord Buddah... They are independent on colours ( smallest one of the gang is also)

Who is the enemy ????

If my mom is the queen and orchids are the angels, who is the enemy ??? My puppy is the main enemy... 😬😬😬 He tries to play with plants so there happen big damages on the plants ... But it is a big headache to my mom...

Main Enemy 😬

And also small insects also damage to the plants... Specially ants.. But my mom blames only to my puppy ...😬

Finally ,

I am lucky to have a beautiful garden full of flowers...
Special thank goes to my mom...

Thank you....!!!


Exactly you're lucky to living beautiful garden contains various coloring orchids. The flowers has fascinating looks. Many girls loving to orchids and can find many example for it. Unfortunately some of pet animal being main enemy for destroy blossomed flowers.

Unfortunately some of pet animal being main enemy for destroy blossomed flowers

So true ayya 😐😐

Wow! 😃 Beautiful orchids. 🤗
You girl please help to your mother to keep them beautifully. 🙊 Go and grow some flower plants.
Ha Haaaa.... 😅😅😅😅

I help to my mom in Sandays.... 🤗🤗🤗🤗

 4 months ago (edited)

In my garden my brother and his gang and also dogs from neighbour homes are the main enemies🥺🥺🥺

Pathetic situation 😑😑😑😑

Nice set of photos... In our garden, hardly flowers can be seen.. No rain for long tome now

But don't worry Damith... You are living in a green world 💚💚💚💚

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Beautiful garden and great photography

Thank you ayye 🤗🤗🤗