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Steemit Platform always supports its users according to the quality of the posts. When the newcomer comes to the Steemit Platform they have no idea where to start if they haven't been guided by someone. So we have already made a post about Where To Start Guide. But We have seen most Newcomers make several mistakes since they haven't the correct idea about the Steemit platform. So we thought to point out the basic mistakes that are made by newcomers during their first days.

List Of Mistakes

  • Less Use Of Voting power

As we already mentioned in our previous article, there are two ways you can earn SP. They are posting quality articles or curating others' posts. Most newcomers know they can earn SP by posting. But they don’t know they can earn SP by voting for other’s posts. You can see some random screenshots of a few newcomers voting engagement during last week.


Their voting power is always at 100%. As newcomers, you should know you can earn SP By voting for others. What you have to do is read other's posts and If you like those posts just click on the upvote button below. Then you can earn some curation Sp, Steem Also.


  • Missing The Reward Redeem

Most newcomers don’t know how to get their earned Sp or Steem to their wallet. After you have posted an article, you were voted by others according to the quality of your post. Assume your post was voted as 5$. So you will get Sp or Steem approximately equal to half of the vote(2.5$). You will get your rewards after 7 days of posting. But You have to click the redeem button that appears on top of your wallet or notification section. Then those rewards will be transferred to your wallet. You can see the redeem button below.


  • Source / References

This is a very important point. When you publish a post If it’s included some photos, quotes from the Internet, you should include the reference link also. We always encourage you to do your own Contents. So if you are getting photos from the Internet make sure to include the link. You can directly put the link under the photo. But it’s good to hide the link in a word or phrase. Here is the way to include a link relevant to the photo.

[Source/Reference](google.com) transforms to >> Source/Reference

When you input something like the above it will be more attractive to your article. And remember to use copyright-free images when you get them from Other sites. Don’t include the google search link of images. Here is some valuable information from @steemcurator01.

“ On a general note it might be useful to guide people on sources of copyright-free images (eg pixabay, Unsplash etc), and how to properly cite the sources of images used.”

  • Not using Proper Markdown

When we see most newcomers’ posts they don’t have an idea of how to make a post attractive. They don’t know how to justify, how to add references, how to add images correctly etc. Thanks to @cryptokannon, she has made a great post about proper markdown in there. Just try to read and try to understand basic points in the Applying Markdown Article. Anyway You have to learn those markdowns when you do the achievement 4.

  • Plagiarism

Newcomers don’t know about this problem. Sometimes they use plagiarized content to post their article. But it’s wrong. If you want to use content from the internet use quotes and mention the source link. But you should understand plagiarism is a wrong thing because while other users are trying to post their own content and if you use plagiarized content that is not good. So make sure to post your OWN CONTENT and one day you can earn as you wish.

  • Not using Meaningful Comments

We have seen some Steemit users just post comments to others like Nice work, Great post, Thank you, amazing, etc. That is not expected from you, We need your engagement with others. We need to see you are making new friends by commenting. And also when you comment it should be relevant to the topic. That can be your idea or suggestion to improve the article or anything that gives value to the post. So make sure to add valuable comments to others' posts.

  • Not Replying to Comments We Get

If you want to be an active steemian, You should always reply to the comments of others. That is the way to find new friends. In Steemit, Engagement is the most important part. So make sure to reply to others’ comments.

We hope this will help to have a more successful journey in Steemit.



Beautiful and useful post!
With the permission of the @steem-sri.lanka team, I would translate it for the italian users of the Italy community.

Thanks @steemcurator01 for the tag ✌️

Very helpful I’m new to the site thanks as well

Hello everyone,
I absolutely agree with @girolamomarotta and want to ask the permission of the @steem-sri.lanka team to translate it for the French community

Hi.. welcome to steemit😀 So you are from France right? You can translate it.
This may help full 👇🏼
Italian Transalation
Spanish Translation

that's really beautiful post the best point he has taken out was as a new comer mostly people don't know about curation and mostly they are on 100% as they don't utilize it.

in Srilanka i must say @randulakoralage is doing great work. Also he is supporting pakistani members as well.

We have to practice them to hit the upvote button when see a good content

Its a great and helpful article, and its so obvious that most of the new steemians are engaging in the abovementioned especially Plagiarism and Not using Mark Down styles Properly.

I will definitely share this to Steemians in nigeria, it will be good if all steemians are sharing very quality and original content. Thanks to author of this article it was indeed a helpful one.

#onepercent #affable #nigeria

Sure, we will share it and will also follow up with the new users to implement in their day to day endeavor in Steem Blockchain.

Thank you.

Wow this is really nice and helpful to me... I’m actually new here and reading this article has really helped me a lot

Sometimes i use to forget a couple of those lines and my results appear way too low.
I expect that i could send a decent content but what stops me is my duty.

This is a really useful post for us, thanks for the mention.

I'm a new comer here and I'm still confused, trying to find my way around ,who can help?

Hello, is there a page to see the country reps? Thank you!

What should people do without a country representative?
I am from Azerbaijan and I haven’t seen anyone from Azerbaijan here yet, I am not sure where to relate and who to ask for support when needed.
Could you advise on that?
For example I posted an achievement 1 but non of the curators check and verified when I saw that other people with country representatives were verified and moved on to the next achievement.

what a relief.
am actually new to this platform, and am just scrolling through posts to know the kind of things to do and expect.
thanks a lot though
up steemit.

I didn't got notification of Mentioning ? why is that so ?

Good publication friends of Steem Sri Lanka.

Normally I have done these explanations individually, however I find it very useful that it touches on several very important aspects.

We will try to do our best to make sure that users encounter this type of instruction for ideal behavior at Steemit.

Thanks for the work done.

Useful article. Yeah, in my first few days, I also did the some of these mistakes.
If you can, add something the value of voting power and RC valus also. unawareness of that also becomes a problems, most of the times in first few days

voting power and RC valus

You gave me a valuable concept 😊

Hi! im a newbie here on Steemit.
For redeem button, is it gonna be there only for 7 days?What will happen if i missed to click "Redeem Button"?

Hi.. Mmmm.. nothing happen actually. You have to redeem to add them into your wallet. After that you can use them in steem ecosystem. If not you click, nothing happen to your rewards but they are not usable.

Can I know where are you from?😊

Thanks for the reply @randulakoralage Appreciate it. Im form the Philippines but I work in Singapore.
So if I didnt click redeem in 7 days, does it mean it will be gone?

does it mean it will be gone

No. It doesn't .

But.. it is unusable.

Hello! Just created my account here. I would like to know if there's a community for newbies like me/ or are there tips so I can get to know people? Thank you!

Hola! Muchas gracias por la información es de gran ayuda, hoy es mi primer día en esta página y bueno estoy como los recién nacidos en cero, así que cada vez que pueda voy a releer este artículo. Es el primer artículo que menciono y ya voy a seguirle.

Thank you very much for this publication, I did reesteem, I could do a translation, into Spanish

With the corresponding permission, if possible.


Yes dear do it. It will go for a large audience 😊

Thanks a lot!

I'll link to the original post.

Cheers :D

Very good work ! You help a lot of people including me! And if you allow me I can change this post in Swahili language and Kirundi even in French to help my African community.
With you we must succeed in steem! Thank you very much

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this platform, the calculations, the stream power and voting features and the most annoying part where I get to sign in almost every minute.

I am new please welcome me. I will follow the instructions.

Thank you! This was really helpful!
Actually I am still trying to figure out how this all works.. thanks for the tips!!

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This article is very simple and easy to understand. How newcomers made the mistake and how they can Deal with them!.

Thank You. steem-sri.lanka,

I wish I knew some of these points when I started out three years ago. It is very useful for newbies or for people that don't know how to use this platform correctly. I like how every explanation is short but very complete.

it is very much informative and useful post for Newcomers and when ever i see in mistake or weakness in Newcomers steemian i always try to guide them and also give them advise same as you mentioned in post thank you very much for writing every important point for Newcomers , thank once again

This is very useful article as we saw this common mistakes from many of new comers to the Steemit. Hope they will have a proper understanding on these basics and avoid mistakes🙌🙌

salut tout le monde comment faire pour rejoidre ce group je suis tres interesse par cette offre .
au meme temps mon problem vu que je suis nouveau sur cette platform steemit je sais pas comment faire pour changer ma photo de profile aidez moi avec un commentaire merci bc

Am new here I need some light

a good useful guide for newcomers, I want to touch about not using the SP to upvote I think if their steem power still less than 100 it is not that much they can earn yet with upvoting other post and may drain their resource credit fast if they only have that 15SP provided when they sign up. But it is good practice to let them know that they can earn steem in form of steem power by clicking that upvote button.

noted on this!

@cryptokannon question!
i cannot delete my blog post anymore?
Also, my post is only good for 7 days in terms of earning, is it?

Achievement Series Newcomers Community Try out this achievement series by @cryptokannon You can learn more about steemit.😊

you can delete your post anytime you want, and you are correct about the 7days payout window.

Thanks! @cryptokannon but i cannot seem to delete my post. I dont see the DELETE option anywhere. Where is this?

actually, there is no delete button, you go to edit then delete the contents there then click update post. technically you can't delete, just edit by deleting the content then update the post with nothing in that post.

@cryptokannon yeah that's what i thought so too and just did that. 😃
Another question if i may!
if my post Blog is over 7 days and i did an update, will the new upvotes, SP, etc earn and can save to wallet?

you will not receive reward for upvote if any for that updated post that has pass 7days..

Got it! Thanks for the responses @cryptokannon
you're the best!

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I was making all the mistakes you described. I wish there was a Turkish interface for steemit Turkish users. Thanks again.


Will share this link with new users of India community.

Thank you.

Really very happy to say, your post is very interesting to read.I never stop myself to say something about it.You’re doing a great job.Keep it up GrandrapidsMover.net

Back to steemit after 3 years, And here's the first post I'm reading,
Lovely post, I guess this will definitely help me to get back on steemit after soo much time :)

Looks like I didn't notice a lot of things, thanks to the author for pointing these out.

I always remind my friends to always communicate with each other and connect with other friends. And ask them to use the power of their upvotes for articles from other friends that they think are good. At all times I always try my best to guide and teach everything I know about the Steemit platform.

That's good guidance.

Great article. Couldn’t be written much better!

Keep it up! archidrawings.org

That is a very good and eye opening post. Thank you for helping us understand.

Awesome! Very helpful.

This is really on point..... Thanks for the information

Very concise guide. Thanks.

true! lets get that comment juice!

This post really guide me to work in correct manner on steemit.

My idea is to say this is a very important article. I also made some common mistakes when I first arrived that I slowly realized. I think those who are still new are making those mistakes. I hope this post will help newcomers stay away from their mistakes and use estimates correctly.
#onepercent #steem-bangladesh #affable

We all can teach our friends next to us to avoid these mistakes. Let's do

We all can our
Friends next to you to avoid
These mistakes. Let's do

                 - randulakoralage

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It is nice to see these posts to help out new Steemit members or members who came back after a period of being away like myself. Through articles like this we make and keep Steemit accessible for everybody

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Thanks Steem Srilanka Community.
Accually, I didn't know about steemit. After reading this article, I think, I earn a lot lot of information to continue in this place.
And, I'm eagerly waiting for your latest post dear.
Thanks a lot again.

este post foi muito relevante para mim.Entendi várias coisas em que estava em dúvida.Aconselho a todos os novatos como eu, que leiam e releiam até se familiarizar com o conteúdo para não errar.

i am a new user to steemit, if i started using steemit without reading this article , i might suffer a lot. it is very help ful for new comers. thankyou