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This is the announcement of launching the official community curator account for Steem Sri Lanka.


Steem Sri Lanka is a growing and hard-working community in Steemit. We are going to introduce the official curation accounts for the community today.


Our aim is to build a self-sustain community with stability for Sri Lanka.


  • Building a common curator account with high voting power
  • Improving rewarding power as a community
  • Motivating engagement of members
  • Provide benefits to delegators

What We Do?

Basically we are powering up a common account using following mechanisms.

  1. Delegators
  2. Posting

The common account is used to curate all content in Steem Sri Lanka according to quality and any other selected posts outside the community.

What is the Benefit?

Rather than voting with isolated accounts with small Steem Power, an account build with combining all the Steem Power gives higher votes as well as higher curation rewards.

Be a Generous Delegator

We would like to invite everyone to support the community account with your generous delegations. As the initial delegation @randulakoralage delegated 4000 SP for the community account.


What are the Benefits?

The delegators are provided with a return of 50% of curation rewards according to the amount they delegated on a weekly basis.

There is no minimum limit for delegations at the moment.

Delegators are welcome!



Delegated 4000 SP
I think all the sri lankan official announcements and reports should come under this account.

We support the country specific curation accounts through generous upvotes, so you would miss that growth opportunity.

As @steemcurator01 stated , if we can 100% power up all the posts , reports and country updates through this account all the income can be use for the benefit of all the sri lankan's.

Wow nice.. thank you. Yes you are right

nice building community account should be cultivated and the best time is now while The Steemit Team is in generous mode supporting the community who genuinely wants to be self-sufficient.

yes kannon.. we are working hard for it

It's a great initiative to support the members. Good Luck

Happy moment 🤗💪❤

Woww great 💓. Really great step .. for the support of Sri Lankan steemians .. 🌹

♥️♥️♥️thank you Rashid

Excellent work for motivate community members through starting official country community. I appreciate your plans as you mentioned here. Keep growing.

Your delegation is highly appreciated ayya❤️❤️❤️

I want to support community member. SO I don't think others so

I hope Sri Lanka will continue to grow with this official account

200SP was delegated. Hope it's received. As just new to the platform, in the future, more contributions will be given. Good luck

 3 months ago 

Thank you for your delegation. Hope to do the best.

delegated 🙌🙌 hope we can go far with helping each other.
best regards !

 3 months ago 

Thank you for your delegation. ❤️

Reading from Philippines

Go Lanka Go... Go Lanka Go.. 🏆

 3 months ago 


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