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Today is Thursday. That means it’s Power up day for Steem Sri Lanka. Let’s do Power up again.

Why Do We Need Power up?

Power up is one of the best ways to have proper Voting power in your Steemit journey. As the curator for Steem Sri Lanka Community, we need the voting power to give support to our Sri Lankan members. To now we have 15.9k Effective Voting power with the support of our generous delegators. We will try to increase our voting power as much as possible. For now, we have earned 2000+ Sp as the author rewards and there is more to go. Today we are going to power up 40 steem.

Before Power up


Power up Process

40 Steem to Power Up

Power Up Process

After Power up


Now we have increased our Sp to 2293 Sp and let's power up Every Thursday with available Steem in the account.


CC: @steemcurator01