Online Session | Introduction to Cryptocurrency and Basics of Steemit

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Are you ready to update your knowledge about cryptocurrency?

We hope to organize an online session through zoom for Sri Lankan members to discuss several important facts. Actually, we want to gather for a real meetup. But due to the covid-19 situation in our country, we came up with a decision to conduct an online session this weekend!


  • Improving awareness of cryptocurrency among members
  • Filling gaps in knowledge about steemit and steem based ecosystem
  • Answering general questions
  • Getting closer to unseen friends in steemit

Date and Time

19th December on 2020
From 8.00 PM To 9.00 PM (From Sri Lankan Time)





Topics Going To Discuss In The Meeting

The discussion will be started at 8.00 Pm. The session will be conducted in the Sinhala Language (Native language). We hope to have a meeting for one hour to discuss the following facts.

  • Steem as a crypto currency

We are planning to talk about what is cryptocurrency, how to analyze data of cryptocurrencies, the basics about exchanges, and what is the use of cryptocurrency.

  • SBD- Steem and SP

In this section we will talk about, what is the use of different types of STEEM, SBD, and SP, How to convert SBD to STEEM, and other ways to get the advantage of SBD price for our members.

  • How steem converts to money

Sri Lanka doesn’t have a clear policy about the cryptocurrency field. So selling cryptocurrency is not easy for newcomers here. There is a procedure that we are selling cryptocurrency in Sri Lanka. So we hope to explain the way we use to convert steem to money. Then they will have ideas and faith about the Steemit platform.

  • TRX and why TRX in steemit

Under this section, we will discuss what is TRON, what is TRX, and the benefits of receiving TRX as rewards form steemit

  • Some tips for Writing

We always try to improve the quality of the content. So we hope to discuss several points in the meeting about writing.

  • Future Plans For The Community

We hope to discuss future plans for our community also such as the next steps after the contest series Round 2.

How to Join With The Zoom Meeting

Join with our Steem Sri Lanka Support Telegram Channel and we will share the zoom link on Friday in the group

We welcome all Sri Lankan members to join us and share your knowledge among others.


CC: @steemcurator01


Why Sri Lankans only ?
Scary !

 4 months ago 


😅😅 Don't scare.. We are just learning..

Why Sri Lankans only ?

We are doing it in our native language. It is to give a basic idea about crypto for those who need. May be BOI will do a meetup soon.

might be interesting for other steemiter too. But i do not speak your language - is it tamil?

hope this will be very much effective as we had some problems for so long with these topics. good step. 😍

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