Steem Sri Lanka Curation Report |18/01/2021

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We have initiated a program to curate quality posts from the outside of the community as well as within the community with our curation trail. We invite all of you to read them, maybe you will find a post which you like to read.

Following are the today's list outside the community

@jorgevandeperreFloral lungs
@curx@curx Curation Top Picks, Fri Jan 15
@artographer100 Friend's pen portrait series Dailyportrait challenge Day #3
@rem-steemLight and shadow of Life Perspective of life really matters!
@steemporras📱 # smartphonephotography - 🌳Eucalyptus tree \ Eucalyptus tree

Delegate Steem Power to the @steem-sri.lanka Account

We distribute 50% of the curation reward for our delegators and you may get random votes from our curation trail.


For More Details: Steem Sri Lanka Delegation Profit Return Process

We are Inviting to Join Our Curation Trial

If you feel that you are not taking maximum benefits from your SP, or If you are looking for more curation reward, or if you don’t have time for curating or if you like to support our project, we are looking for you!

For More Details: Steem Sri Lanka Curation Trail

CC: @steemcurator01

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