Steem Sri Lanka Discord Community Announcement

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We are so excited to announce the Official Discord Community for Steem Sri Lanka is now open! We would like to invite you to join and keep in communication with us.

The Discord community will provide the following facilities to any member who actively involves in steemit

  • Support

Our team is ready to answer your questions about Steemit, Steem Sri Lanka community, and other projects that we are involved in.

  • Communication

You can easily reach us via Discord and keep hanging out with us.

  • Post Promotion

We are eagerly looking for extraordinary content in Steemit with low payouts but really deserve support. We are currently covering all posts within the Steem Sri Lanka community and willing to expand the curation outside. In the existing process, the curator is checking through the ‘New’ section of steemit and finding interesting posts and we really want to allow you to submit such extraordinary posts that we don’t see.

You are welcome to submit your posts or behalf of someone else. The curator will select some of them daily according to our preference. You can find other rules at Discord.

You are now open to join our Discord channel

discord banner.png

Delegate Steem Power to the @steem-sri.lanka Account

We distribute 80% of the curation reward for our delegators and you may get random votes from our curation trail.


For More Details: Steem Sri Lanka Delegation Profit Return Process

We are Inviting to Join Our Curation Trial

If you feel that you are not taking maximum benefits from your SP, or If you are looking for more curation reward, or if you don’t have time for curating or if you like to support our project, we are looking for you!

For More Details: Steem Sri Lanka Curation Trail

CC: @steemcurator01

community footer sl.png


Another great step.. 😍👌

Great move ❤️

Congratulations !

 2 months ago 

Thank you very much for your support.

Thank you! Good to see this development.

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