Steem Sri Lanka Tutorial Collection

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We thought to give priority to tutorials in the Steem Sri Lanka community because tutorials help newcomers to show the direction to go in Steemit. We have already published several tutorials through the curator account and we hope to bring new tutorials in the future. So to find tutorials easily in our community we have summarized all the tutorials published in Steem Sri Lanka Community. This post will be updated with coming tutorials in the future. So, here is a list of tutorials.

List Of Tutorials

  • To begin your journey in Steemit, You should know to make an account in steemit. You can refer to this article to get an idea about the sign-up procedure.
    Sign up Procedure - A To Z Guide

  • You should have an idea about where to start after making a steemit account. Otherwise, you may not have a successful journey in Steemit. Refer to the article below.
    Where to Start Guide

  • Do you know how to make a post in steemit? How to change the advanced settings like a beneficiary,100% power up? Make sure to read this article
    All About Creating a Post in Steemit

  • If you want to buy steem, this article will help you to buy steem from Binance and guide you to send that steem to your wallet.
    Purchase Guide with Binance


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