My Favourite Surfboard (at the moment)

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So I just came across this interesting community created by @betterthanhome so thought I'd better post to the community and share a pic of my favourite board at the moment.

My Favourite Board

About three years ago I lashed out and bought myself a brand spanking new 'Omni' from Slater Designs. With a bit more volume and a blunter nose, it grabs those waves that are sometimes a little fat but also cracks in the steep stuff! It was the first shipment to the Gold Coast of these boards and it is my go to for most conditions.

My board after after my usual Saturday morning surf today.

These boards are designed by Daniel Thomson under the Slater Designs brand and use Firewire technology in their construction. It's dimensions are: 5'10", 20 3/8", 2 11/16", 35.7 litres. As I tend to get older and chunkier, my boards need to follow suit!


This is one of the smoothest and toughest boards I have ridden and handles surf up to 6ft (well it's the biggest I've had it in anyway!).

I have taken this board to various locales at home and overseas as I know it is so versatile and handles all sorts of breaks.

Papua New Guinea Surf Trip - 2016

What's your favourite board?

scooter77 footer ta - bearone.png

Upgoat footer.png


Glad you´re joining the community. I do hope it grows a bit more in the coming weeks. Nice Board. I got my eyes on the Firewire Seaside, but most probably I will get myself a custom made copy of it on Bali next time :)...much cheaper

EDIT. I surf a stuart jolly roger in 5.8 at the moment. great board but I really want a new one now

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