Preperations & Considerations - One Love Community Update

As everyone should be well aware tomorrow STEEM will be forking and a new blockchain HIVE will be launched. As stated in the official announcement all active Steemians whom did not support the #SteemHostileTakeOver will be honoured with matching amounts of HIVE as STEEM holdings.

I @d00k13 wish to take a moment in this time of confusion to thank everyone who has helped to make @OneLoveDTube become a reality. I started on STEEM a lost soul and through what has been built I have found myself, there is no greater gift you could give someone. It all started from humble beginnings and with a focus of enabling creators I have remained in the background forever humbled by the support our community recieves. It has been a good 2 years and I am excited for what our future holds. Thank You Everyone, I Stand Tall Thanks To You!

Seeing how nothing is certain during this time of transition other then it is for sure happening we have decided to prepare the @OneLoveDTube account. Not knowing what direction @DTube will go as of this point many ideas have been brought forward to continue our services no matter what which will be discussed in further detail as the ideas evolve.

Community Preperations

As stated, we are gearing up for the move yet want not to abandon those whom wish to use our service for posting to STEEM. We are simply keeping all options open at least till the dust settles.

Community Considerations

  • Rebranding (platform neutral?)
  • Launch our own UI for HIVE (possibly include ability for cross-chain posting)
  • Direction of focus, STEEM or HIVE (currently struggle to keep up with one chain's manual curation)

Seeing how we are a small community it may be required to choose one or the other blockchain to focus developments on as dividing our time may only limit ability to be effective on both, time will tell. For the time being please check into discord if you wish to have further discussions about what all we should/should not do. If you have any ideas we would love to hear them!

Thank You For Understanding


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We Will Get There Together


We are getting airdropped? Can’t say no to free!

Yea buddy check out that other comments link.