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🌺We get more 🌹when We Give🌸 🌹🌺So, Let's be little Selfish 🌺Let's Support Each Other🌹
by @rashid001.




Due to our regular subscribers of community we have to update the description for them and it is for last time, we want our all subscribers to present on this post, read the post carefully and then use this community to publish your post.

Mentioning all subscribers here:

  • @haidermehdi
  • @pink-ring
  • @asim-khang
  • @rutaba07
  • @sduttaskitchen
  • @laraib07
  • @kashifkhan99
  • @panenfilm
  • @redpc
  • @asimkhan1
  • @godsbest
  • @billbool10
  • @atiqkhanumvi
  • @faiz.rehman
  • @tuseef-akram
  • And Our MODs:
  • @sardar-sani
  • @rashid001
  • @hassanabid
  • So All of our subscribers will get the update via notification and that is the the thing we want to do.


    We have created this community Steem Pakistan which is truly based on to get and collect all Pakistan users in one platform. This will show all of us the total amount of Pakistan active steemians, so we will have to get support for all of them with showing the number of them. We have to work together, all countries are working in their own communities, we have to do the same. First of all we have all Pakistan active users joined in this community.



    1. Create your own content, it is must.
    2. You can post in any language. (Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashto). But it is an advice to improve your English, that you post in English. It will very good.
    3. For photography post you have to add some description for it. The post will be unlisted, with the title and photographs only. After one warning to the user the post same next post will unlisted.
    4. If you are Pakistan user then use Pakistan tag in your posts, it is optional. You have to bring all of your active friends here in this community.
    5. Use regular this community as your home. Comment and up vote the other member's work. It will be encourage them to your posts. This will be a nice community with your support.
    6. Write maximum 100 words or more in your post. It will convert in quality content. Be sure to write your own words.
    7. We suggest you to add a related photo to your post, in your post. It will make your post beautiful.
    8. If you want to share a photo from google, then provide the link of image must in your post.


    Some Facilities You Have A chance To Get: (After Following The Rules)

    We are regular checking our community and watch for good content, first let me tell you what type of content we need and what type of content will muted after warning.
    We are not being too strict, but you don't have authority to spam or miss use our goodness. These are easy rules to follow, follow them and get benefit earn rewards.
    Type of content we need


    Type of content which need a warning



    Who post like that after one warning then he will be muted..

    Facilities or Rewards for them who follow the rules

    1. There will be a contest of STEEM started every month.
    2. Every good content will get an up vote by @boomerang (via Steem from us), these will be weekly two selected posts. After some time the amount of Steem for vote and the number of posts will increased.
    3. Proof

      It is actually 1.5, because 1 steem is not supported.

      community support.PNG
      We don't have much power, so we thought this way to support you. We think it is not wrong.
      The post which is rewarded first is:

    4. We have created WhatsApp group to teach newbies, and it's for all members of Steem Pakistan community members and moderators. Leave your numbers in comment section and we will add you in group. In group you can learn everything about steemit from us.
    5. Steem will rewarded to good content creators. But it is monthly based selection. I advice you to post more and more and post quality content so you have two chances: You can get 1 opportunity surely.

    Announcement Of WhatsApp Group: MUST COMMENT YOUR NUMBER

    We have created a whatsapp group to provide community rules, guidelines ,tips about posting, updates , all kind of support and help. All members are respectfully requested to provide their whatsapp number in comments below to this post. We will catch your number and add you.

    Steem Pakistan.png

    A community dedicated to producing quality content
    and represent all Pakistan Active Steemians.

    Subscribe Steem Pakistan

     7 months ago (edited)

    it will be helpful for newbies but i have my opinion that no one will be muted i will warm them sweetly 3 or 4 times and if they don't understand we will give downvote on spam post but first we will warn them..

    I had write in the post many time.

    i am saying that we will not mute anyone we will warn then many times as i can, one man mute means we are losing one precious person.. i hope your getting my point..


     7 months ago 

    Very good .. this is nice step towards success .. keep moving forward and we have to be strict about the spam

    🌹Wish you Good luck

    but mute a person mean you are losing one member, and i don't want to lose any single person. we can teach them how to make a good content..

    i think it would be better if you somehow share your number here and i contact you there and you could add me to the group.
    Dropping my contact here makes me feel risky lol :p
    Can be misused :p

    haha you are very .......
    Here is number 03491909260

    @abdt and here's my no 03343779278

    Upvoted and resteemed.
    Hope to have good communication with all of you in the future

    Thank you, Here is whatsapp number 03491909260
    Must message there and learn some tips.

    Yes i agree with all points and rules, but i think you have to add the rule to vote each other, i am looking that your post is not got voted from much people. they did comment down, but not thought to vote you.
    I want to take your opinion

    You have been upvoted by @rashid001 A Country Representative from Pakistan we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator07 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

    Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community and come join our #thediarygame Season 2 you can get steem for commenting too with our #onepercent
    Steem on!

    great awesome

    Can you send me please your whatsapp group link