Better Life || The Diary Game season 3: 10-11-2020

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Assalam u alikum

Welcome to my new diary post. I hope all steemin are well. I get up early in the morning.I make a cup of tea and breakfast and iron my clothes.I clean my room and comb my hair. I like gardening. I have some spare land at the back of my house. They provides us fresh fruit and vegetables in the different season. I went to my garden and give water to plants. Then I come back home and finished my daily work.I washed the floor. Then I wash the pots. Then I pray zuhar. I prepared lunch at 1 o'clock.
We ate lunch together. Then I take a rest for an hour.
I take some pictures on clouds.
Winter season starting and I like winter season because of two reasons.
First is short days and long nights. I like night and darkness. I feel peace in night because I like darkness. Most important thing in my life is night.
Second is every one want to look snow in winter season. I also want to see snow in winter season. When snow fall it's look like this is real way to enjoy the winter season. Winter is the coldest season. Mountains places are coldest in winter. People like to see snow fall and travel this season into hilly areas to see a snow fall. They enjoy winter season in hilly areas.
Then I pray asar. Evening time start. I make evening tea. We enjoyed the tea with biscuits.Then I recite Holy Qur'aan for an hour. I saw sunset. It's look great. Then I pray maghrib. I cook dinner. We ate dinner together. After dinner I wash up hands,sweep the floor, and tidy up a bit. Then I watch the drama. I make a diary game post on steemit.I check my facebook and chat my friends.
Then we discus on our day. I feel tired. Then I go to bed and sleep at 11:50 pm.