Better Life || The Diary Game season 3: 13-11-2020

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Welcome to my new diary game post. I hope all steemins are fine.I wake up early in the morning. I pray fajar. Then I prepared a breakfast. Its my daily routine. Then I wash the pots and clean my room. Today season looks great. Rain starting and coldest winds starting early in the morning. It's about rainy season. Because of rain fall season is cold.


I take some pictures on clouds.
Season is coldest because of rainfall. Hill areas looks great in winter season. I feel cold then I went to my closet.Then I wear warm clothes and I feel better after wear warm clothes. Then I went to my garden and put water on vegetable plants and trees. Then I came back home. I spend my free time in garden. I put another seeds of vegetable in my small garden.Then I prepared a lunch and take rest for while. Then we ate lunch together.Then I pray zuhar. I sleep for an two hours.I Recite Holy Qurr'an. Then I pray asar. I went to my garden and feel relax. I felt happy to went to my small garden. I give water on vegetables plants and trees. I enjoy the rainy day. I felt coolness I came back home and prepared coffee. Rain is create a beautiful scenery. After the rain smell of sand is great. When the sun sets, the night begins.I like sunset. I go back home. It is dark everywhere. Some people fear of darkness. I like night and darkness. There is complete silence and no noise at night. There is a peace everywhere. I like sunset very much because after the sunset night is come and I like night. Then I pray namaz. After that I prepared dinner. We ate dinner together. Then we discus our day. After dinner I wash up pot and did my homework, and then I sit on the sofa and watch television. Then I make diary game post on steemit. I go to bed and sleep at 11o'clock.


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Wow you had a good day. Rain makes the most beautiful scenes out of nowhere.

I like night and darkness. There is complete silence and no noise at night

This is something new to know about you.
Good luck for the future.
Would love to see you in STEEMIT PAKISTAN.
Let's work together :)
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