Better Life || The Diary Game season 3: 6-11-2020

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Assalam u alikum

Welcome to my new diary post. I hope all steemin are well. I get up early in the morning. I pray fajar. I make a cup of tea and breakfast and iron my clothes. I have some difficulties that's why I does not post on diary game in those days. I am busy in those days.Today season is very great. I am not attached with social media. But I like steemit.
I like to post on steemit.I like gardening and that's why I love nature. I feel happy to see my plants in my garden. I have some fruit trees and vegetable plants. They provides us fresh fruit and vegetables in the different season.



Then I draw a sketch. I like drawing and art work. I hope you like my sketch. I want more practice to draw a sketch and art work. This is 3D art work.

I prepared lunch. We eat lunch. I pray zuhar and then I went to sleep for one hours.


I woke up 4 pm. I pray asar, and recite Holy Qur'aan for an hour.

Next, I usually watch some TV and chat with my family then I do my work and help my mother in the house work.
After I have finished work, then I cook dinner. In my house I usually make dinner.Working at home can be very convenient and I love being able to talk to people around the world. It is also nice working in a school and seeing people on a regular basis and working in a team. So I feel I have the best of this world. The family eat dinner together at 7:30pm. After dinner I wash up pot and did my homework, and then I sit on the sofa and watch television.
I check my facebook and chat my friends.
My diary is close to my heart. I wrote my whole day work in my diary.Then We discus on our day, and at about 11 0'clock I go to bed.


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