The diary game ( Date: 09-11-2020 )

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Greeting steemit!
Welcome to my post
Aslamualikum friends, It's been very long time when i post diary game due to certain special reason, but after the reading the comment of @steemcurator01 that he remember. So today i am going to share my diary game.
As usual my life is so straight forward i mean i have no job still i am studying but this fucking Covid make me a prisoner at home😂


I am kidding, i am no everyone is waiting for the vaccine for this Covid you can tell me what you want in comment box. I woke up at 8 Am in the morning then i opened Whatsapp and found a mesg from @abdt check the steemit. I checked and found interesting thing . Actually from my bottom of heart i want to work with my fellows. Hope so they will also to rejoin.
I am inviting all #Pakistani steemit user to join #steem-pakistan including @rashid001 and his team.

After breakfast i went on the roof for fetching some new shots for the dairy game post, it was 9 am and cold balze were running but sunlight cancels the coldness of air. I don't know how to describe my feeling words. You i am not proper writer. I sat there for two or three hours in sunlight with cold air strikes and i was practicing to create a gap of infinite possibilities. Oh let me explain what is this mess. Actually this is the mind training to avoid overthinking and for being a active answerer. Everyone wants to be sharp minded. During that i was also answering the comments of @rashid001. And i want to clear something here @wolf-kinght is my account i did not misused it. Because i can use that account in previous dairy game if i were spamer. So what is the reason i used that account?


@steemcurator01 was missing me so i don't have any other option left, because it is the first priority of every steemians to earn, but i wasn't with @sardar-sani, that why i used my old account for earning whatsoever let's move forward to diary. Then my neighbour call me, he is my friends i went to his home he was sick and the major symptoms was all about Covid 😂but actually he is under the spell of Flu due the sudden change of weather


After leaving his house i went to mosque for Zuhr prayer when i came back home i was starving with hunger as i see the white rice with beans, My mouth starts watering because it's my favourite dish. Then i went to meet another friend, he was also waiting for someone to carry his parrot on bike he asked me, that i have to present this pair to my feonsay so help me. I agreed him on condition that i will drive and you have to hold this cage. It was matter of feonsay so he agreed😂. we finished his work and came back home after the rest of sometime i started to write the diary post and now here am i with you guys.

These all are my photos and taken by me with p9 Lite...

I Want to thank @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for these challenges.


This is great post i am reading from you, after very long time. Keep smiling with your family.
#twopercent #pakistan

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

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The Steemit Team

Nice to see you back in the game. Mashal is looking beautiful. Leave the bad dreams behind and let's be active with posting again.

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