Achieved 150 Subscribers! Coming Up Weekly Contest!

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New Users Joined The Community Last Week:

@peacejoh (Nigeria), @samarkhan (India), @aneesmalik (Pakistan).


We Are 150 Members Now:

Congratulations to all community members. This time we are reaching members quick. But there is a problem, the members are not getting attached, because our country representative is not attached with the Steem Pakistan community. Even he have leading role in this community.



There is a small request for @steemcurator01, choose a separate country representative from Steem Pakistan. Because the members of this community is not getting true response from country representative. He can not do work for both communities.


Weekly Contests:

The community is starting weekly challenge for the members. It will become beautiful with contribution and participation of members. The contest post is coming to you, and you will know the type of weekly contest in the post.



A community dedicated to producing quality content
and represent all Pakistan Active Steemians.

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@steem-pakistan @abdt @sardar-sani @steem-pakistan
@steemit-pak @rashid001 @haidermehdi @hassanabid

You all need to talk together and work together to form one united Steem Community for Pakistan.

We will only be able to provide support for one community for each country.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

 4 months ago 

I have posted 5 hour ago an Open arm invitation to all pakistani steemians to join STEEMIT PAKISTAN community to work together in one community .. and i am waiting for responce from them .

We warm welcome them if they join us there .

 4 months ago (edited)

Dear respected sir, @steemcurator01 and @rashid001.

We did create the community very first time, long time ago. And we had a vision to unite all steemians from Pakistan. Steem Pakistan is the first community on steemit which represents Pakistan.
Steem Pakistan is the community of hard working people also, our country representative thinks himself as hard working user only. (Or his fellows).
Steem Pakistan is the first platform for all Pakistani steemians, so we are really happy working and posting in our community.

and steem pakistan is community of two people @abdt and @sardar-sani who only work for thereselves .

Point to be noted @steemcurator01 sir, we have no authority to use these types of words for any other steemain. And he is country representative, and doing this. I want to clear one thing Rashid Bhai, if we did work for ourselves then we did not need to create the community, if there were no community there was no representative. I hope you understand sir.

You don't appear to have much activity in your community at present. Only 9 active out of 150 subscribers is not so good.

Because we don't have side of our country representative, @steemcurator01 sir. That's why we ask you for separate representative, so we can get active members back. Plus much new steemians from Pakistan.


Without going in deep conversation I totally agree with @abdt that we really need separate representative who will selected from this community.

 4 months ago (edited)

Yeah this can be another solution... i am with you with full obtaining rep we will be able to maintain user ..

i am agree for a separate CR. it will best idea to collect these members combined.


Good job