Introducing Steem Pakistan community Official Account

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STEEM PAKISTAN Community is growing faster, now there are 75 subscribers and 47 active posters.


This is the official account of Steem Pakistan. This account is made for support all valuable, quality content creators and newbies. For that purpose all community members are invited to support this account with delegation

Who We Are

Steem Pakistan is formed by active users of Steemit from Pakistan. They are active on Steemit since January 2018. Our Team include 5 persons. @abdt @sardar-sani @rashid001 @hassanabid @haidermehdi

Why Steem Pakistan:

We have selected this name to identify our country. Steem Pakistan is selected because we want to avoid controversy. Instead of using particular person name, and that's how we can become together at one platform on Steemit Blockchain.
Steem Pakistan Community
steem-pakistan account


First priority of this account will be to support all members of Steem Pakistan and newcomers in community and will guide all newcomers of steemit.
Second priority of this account is to participate in The Communities Support Program by @steemitblog, so that's how we can support our members we can recruit Pakistani people.

Our Active members and recruitments:

Now, we are mentioning our active members if anyone want to mentioned in next post of @steem-pakistan you have to active on Steemit and Steem Pakistan community.

If anyone is missed, comment below. We will add you in next post. We started recruiting people after making the community.


We will support our community members, newbies, but how? For that we need VP and SP, so we are inviting all members to delegate this official account to get support and give support. We will getting confirm 500 SP delegation, in sometime.
Our main focus will on creative writing photography, videos, food, and art. This will our specific goal of community.

Reward Of This Account:

Reward will be used in upcoming contest posts. And to reward the quality content creators for these specific topics,

creative writing photography, videos, food, and art.

Thanks for reading the first post!
Resteem the post.
Stay tuned for the next update.


Thanks for supporting newcomers like me. It's great idea for making steem-pakistan account.

yeah it is

This is great grand step forward to promote Steem Pakistan, and it will help us. As the content added now in our community so it will more better. Creative writing, art photography and more. It is excellent.
I invite @steemcurator01 with respect, to check please and take a notice of our community account.
So now our mission is to recruit more people here, in steemit.

yes your right but first you have to delegate 400 sp to this account and i am also delegating 100 sp to this account and i am inviting all member of community to delegate sp ...

How this will be beneficial for community . Inshallah together we will make some vp and support community members. Newbies will highly appreciated ..

Yes, sounds nice.

good step towards the representation of PAKISTAN