Steem-pakistan Introducing: "Do Something Special For Steemit" Tribute To Steemit Platform Contest | 50 Steem in Prize |

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Some Introduction About The Contest

As the first contest and second post of @steem-pakistan community account, the introduction was necessary. We will continuously make contests, to engage with all community members and Steemit fellows, and to support all community members and Steemit fellows. So make sure to participate, bring your friends too.


The Contest Is: Do Something Special For Steemit:

We all know about the Steemit platform, and we do know about all the facilities it provides us. And most of us have got good earning from Steemit. Now it is the time for do something for this platform. It is special platform, so do something special for this sweet platform.
It can be anything, but it must be related to Steemit platform. You can do whatever you can do easily, related to Steemit. You can say that this contest is totally a tribute to Steemit platform, from all of us. So be sure to participate.


Rules Of The Contest:

  1. Upvote, and resteem this post. (You can follow, for weekly contests).
  2. Your entry will must as a comment to this post.
  3. You can write for Steemit, no words limitation.
  4. You can draw something for Steem.
  5. Your work must be look special, (In art, in writing etc.)
  6. You can do any thing, but it must be as a gift to Steemit.
  7. You have to make/write different from other participants.

Here are some simple, samples by @abdt and @sardar-sani:



Steem is written with both natural things.

The Steem is written with stones in the water. We think we have provided some idea to do something special and different for Steemit.


Rewards Or Prize :

This is the special contest so every participants have to try their best and work harder. The very different and excellent tribute to Steemit will get a place.
1st Place = 25 STEEM.
2nd Place = 15 STEEM.
3rd Place = 10 STEEM.

And, there is another option to divide the 50 STEEM in up to 10 most unique, different and special entries. So try making your entry very special. We are waiting to see your tributes to your favorite platform.


We thank very much to @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02. In last we thank you all participants. We will meet you now in winner announcement post.



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Steemit give us freedom.
For example:I can talk country representative @rashid001. He did talk nicely with me. He appreciate my often posts.

Nice it is creative... We are waiting for more intersting entries..

 4 months ago 

Nice entry.

STEEMIT has taken up space in my mind in such a way that I spend 11 hours a day on Steemit.Before joining Steemit, I used to spend most of my time on Facebook, but now I don't have time to go to Facebook. Maybe that’s the passion for my Steemit.

Mango Colour Steemit logo


yow bro that the way ...your doing good

Thank you so much

 4 months ago 

The art is very awesome and attractive.
@mdshanto resteem the post too.

Thank you so much brother

Aquí mi participación:

Fuente de la imagen del corazón paises...

Gracias @SteemPakistan por la organización de este concurso, muy bueno...



Steemit es Genial por muchas cosas, pero, voy a enfatizar la especialidad de steemit considerando lo que es un genio en dos aspectos:
  1. Primero: Es genial porque cumple nuestros deseos, si te planteas una meta a nivel financiero, steemit esta allí para socorrerte.
  2. Es Genial, porque los genios hacen cosas que nadie hace, esta plataforma se presta para poner nuestra creatividad a funcionar, cerebro triuno en proceso total, elaboramos post que son dignos de ser postulados para las diferentes empresas. Me encanta Steemit.
  3. La especialidad que tiene steemit, específicamente en Venezuela es trascendental , para nadie es un secreto la situación de país que vivimos, steemit ha sido una alternativa en medio de tanta angustia

I love Steem


Steemit is the passion for me I am so happy to get this great platform.WE can learn a lot from the steemit platform, also WE can earn from this platform.


In this platform there have lot of creative steemains and lot of creative work we can seen there.

Screenshot_20200922-2052x x26_Gallery.jpg

Btw,,,Big Thanks to @Steem-Pakistan community for arrange this creative and interesting contest. Have a Good Day

Thanks @sardar-sani for invite me here..

Wow what a entry ...Thanks for This beautiful entry.

You should not use images from iStock - they are not free to use.

The Steemit Team

 4 months ago 

We are sorry, we really didn't knew about that. Updated the post..

Great competition :)

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 4 months ago 

It Is pleasure for us. Thank you very much.

thanku for vesiting here..

Buen día ¿Pueden participar steemistas de otros países?

yes whole steemit member can participate...dud e i ak waiting for your entry

Puedo ytilizar Bitmoji como imagen?

do what ever you want creative

I am just for waiting for creativity of people. The idea is very effective for bring creativity..
#onepercent #pakistan

Ya le envío...

You have been upvoted by @rashid001 A Country Representative from Pakistan we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator07 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

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