My steemit Thoughts and Happy Birthday My Steemit Journey as @Yousafharoonkhan

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Aslam mu alakum!

I am so happy today that I am sharing the joy of my Steemit blog birthday with you all.
Because my relationship with Steemit predates blogging is very strong. And I got acquainted with steemit on Bittrex exchange when I found out from the investment in Steemit that steemit is a social blockchain on which we can mine steem and SBD through content.

I have had to go through many incarnations and ups and downs in this journey. And the saddest moment came when my steemit account was hacked by auto boting and all my hard work was stolen. That day was very depressing for me. And when man's love is stolen, man becomes very disappointed.
But my relationship remained strong because I have not yet withdrawn a single one penny from my steemit account.

If any of you have to confirm that I have withdrawn or not you know you can check my transaction history.
But my biggest obsession is to make my blog useful and I have no greed to withdraw anything but I want to increase steam power.
But we can only do this when our content is important and supported by the community.
Thus my love is with two blockchains and both are close to my heart. I am tired of love and love does not run politics hypocrisy.
You can read my writings on my love and heartfelt writings on both blockchains close to my heart.
I love both blockchains very much. Because I have received love and support from both sides.
There is no greed in my heart. I have love in my heart.

Thank you very much for reading my post. Your support is my power and your comments support will increase my passion motivation to gain more success

Best wishes


Thank all #steemit team for supporting content creator bundle of thank to


Muy bueno e interesante tu posts.

Many congratulations and that you fulfill much more.