Art that deserves a reward. Undervalued posts on 01.10.2020

in Community of artists20 days ago

Today I chose two wonderful works of art!

I believe that their work is undervalued and worthy of a rewar

Nigeria @60....... Watercolor Painting - "We Stand for Nigeria!"

Author @tezzmax

I chose this underappreciated post.

I believe that this drawing is worthy of reward.

Come and do not hesitate to vote 

Inktober2020 Day 1: Fish

Author @vduck

Hello everyone

Author @kgakakillerg

If you'd like to delegate daio to me and my Community of Artists to maintain underestimate

25 SP 50SP 75SP 100 SP 200SP 500SP 1000SP 2000SP 4000SP  5000SP


Wow! thank u very much for noticing💙😊

Great job)

Thanks for the nomination dear.

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