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RE: One Pour at Time!

@raybrockman Very cool!!! I went crazy pouring my own stuff a few years ago. I bought all the clays, molds, a furnace, everything. The thing that I got wrapped around the axle about was wanting my pours to be an exact weight. I kept pouring and repouring and I very rarely got in perfect. My furnace eventually gave out and I never fixed it. Now all my stuff just sits in my shed out back and collects dust.

Maybe one day I'll dust it off and give it a go again...


Yeah, i would think it would be almost impossible to hit a even weight on casting, now pouring into molds might be a little easier. What type and style of molds do you have?

I have the regular graphite ones in all different weights and shapes. I also made my own holder to do clay pours.

I liked doing clay pours better. It seemed the silver stayed molten longer and developed better lines. No matter how much heat I had on the graphite molds the silver would harden super quick.