2021 Australia Silver Dragon Rectangular Coin

Chinese Dragon

In Chinese culture, the dragon is revered as a divine mythical creature, symbol of power, strength, wealth, and good fortune, and is often portrayed alongside a luminous or flaming pearl. Dragons are also believed to be the rulers of water and weather.

The Chinese dragon is legendary across mythology, folklore, and culture at large in Asia. The Chinese dragon is not only associated with the Emperors of old but with the very founding of the empires of the past and the nation it has become today.

2021 Australia 1 oz Silver Dragon Rectangular Coin

4th release of the Australian Rectangular Silver Dragon, limited mintage of only 250,000 coins, contains 1 Troy oz of .9999 pure silver in BU condition,issued a face value of $1 (AUD) by Australia.

On the obverse of 2021 Australian Rectangular Dragon Coins feature Queen Elizabeth II. This stunning sixth-generation portrait of the Queen captures her at the age of 89. For the first time since 1966, an Australian coin portrait of the Queen includes her full neckline and shoulders. The right-profile relief includes the George IV State Diadem Crown on her head.

A new depiction of the Chinese dragon appears on the reverse side of 2021 Australian Rectangular Dragon Coins. This year's depiction is, perhaps, the most aggressive and ferocious so far in the series. The dragon's figure takes up most of the design field with the dragons face front and center as its body coils behind it, almost forming a figure-eight.



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