2021 British Silver Valiant Coin

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Saint George and the Dragon

The famous legend of Saint George and the Dragon represents victory and honor. There are many variations of the legend, but all mention the hero Saint George traveling, where he comes across a town distressed by a dragon. The dragon has taken a princess as his prisoner. Saint George decided to help the town by slaying the beast. Saint George brandished his sword at the dragon, which is the battle depicted on this 1 oz Silver Valiant coin from The Royal Mint.

2021 British Silver Valiant Coin (BU)

3rd year of issue for the British Silver Valiant, contains 1 Troy oz of .9999 pure silver in BU condition, issued a face value of 2 Pound sterling (GBP) by the Great Britain.

Queen Elizabeth II is on the obverse field of the 2021 1 oz British Silver Valiant Coins. Her Majesty has featured on the obverse of British coinage since her reign officially began in 1952. The design currently in use on British coins comes from Jody Clark and is recognized as the fifth-generation effigy. It depicts the Queen in right-profile relief with the George IV State Diadem Crown, a piece of the Crown Jewels commissioned in 1820 during the first year of King George IVs reign.

St. George is depicted on horseback as he slays the dragon in the reverse design of 2021 British Silver Valiant Coins. George is often credited in tales with slaying a dragon that was terrorizing humanity. It is believed that the legend of St. George began to circulate in England among the soldiers who had accompanied King Richard I to the Holy Land during the Crusades of the late 12th century.



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"The famous legend of Saint George and the Dragon represents victory and honor."
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