Hand-Poured Silver Bar 54

I started documenting my hand-poured silver bars for a reason. I got sick late last year about 5 months ago and was bedridden for a couple of weeks.

At that time, I decided to bring out a treasure chest of hand-poured silver and write about them!

In case you interested...

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And let us continue!

Silver Bar No. 54

This is a 20-ounce silver bar made by one of my favorite silver pourers, MrZeke.

Stamp on the bar are the names of the Silver Stackers who contributed to the bar.

On one side of the bar: Silver Diva, MrZeke, Dux Butt, Silver Vessel, Coin Keeper, HiHo, Vulcan5678, Tiny Stacker, Dray2701, Kilo, 11Robert11, Golden Arms, Silver Balls, and Salivate Metals.

On the other side of the bar: Charmcity Stacker, Christopher Sanchez, Silver Slacker, Cyber Curtain Twitcher, Silver Pebble, and LadyLiberty Stacker.

It is thick and chunky!

Like the relationships built the community,

and the bond that keeps them together.

The YouTube Stackers Community Bar

20 ounces of .999 Fine Silver

I treasure this bar forever as it speaks of the affection and caring that the YouTube stackers have for each other.


My 2021 coins, I have shown so far:

Source: Apmex, JM Bullion, SD Bullion, Wikipedia

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Treasured forever because it is a very personalized silver bar...and Twenty Ounces Wow!!!....that's a big bar !😍😍😀

A big bar indeed, hahaha!