Pencil Sketch of the Defender of the nation || 20% Payout to steemit-pak

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Greetings Steemit Pakistan from @ammar79

I hope everyone is well, And may God Bless you all.
This is my first post in this community. I really like quality content here.

here is my short introduction

My Name is Muhammad Ammar and I am a software engineer, Currently working as Oracle DBA. I like photography, artwork, traveling, and Coding
My introduction

have a look my today work

1634024715412 (2).jpg

here is the original image.


I got it from Google


  1. Plain paper
  2. Lead Pencil
  3. Razor
  4. crayons colour
  5. ruler scale

Working steps
I have done all this work on plain white paper with a led pencil, scale, and cotton ear stick then I colored it with the same led pencil and used an ear stick to control the contrast level

I spent almost 2 hours in my today's work. like this a human object so it was not that easy to draw. I enjoyed making the sketch of a national hero.

Here is a step-by-step guide to this sketch.

I always draw the shape of the face as a priority because all other objects depend on this. Mr. Abdul Qadir Khan face structure is unique here is my first step.
1634024715417 (1).jpg

after that, I draw hair and ear.
1634024715397 (1) (1).jpg

in the next step, I draw face objects. and body. which was the difficult part of the drawing I draw his Dress the same as the original image.
1634024715402 (1).jpg

then I filled contras level with same led pencil and use an ear cotton stick to show proper skin effect
1634024715407 (1).jpg

And Nowhere is the final view of the sketch. i filled it properly with led pencil again cotton ear stick helped me in this step. I try my best to express all 3d skin and dress effects the same as real image
1634024715412 (2).jpg

Thanks for giving your time to this post. Waiting for your reviews on Comments

CC: @vvarishayy ,@rashid001

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