Better life||The Diary Game 17 June 2021

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everybody. Hope all of you are safe and enjoying the good health.
I am posting my first diary in Steemit Pakistan. Writing about my routine is a good experience. Let's have a look at my day.
The day started sharp at 5:00 because my son have to leave for school at 6:00. prepare breakfast for him. Help him in getting ready and taking breakfast. After seeing off him . I got ready for my school, take my breakfast and left for school at 6:45.
It's a bit cloudy morning.
Temperature 🌡️ was not very high but due to no wind it felt hot.

Perform my duties.

Attend a meeting with AEO


Took some photos of my beautiful flowers.


Come back at 11:30
Visited BOP for paying Bill

Back home. Had lunch with my naughty princoo.

Lay down for a little rest. Then I woke up at 3:30 pm. Clean up my room which was pretty massy since morning. Prepare some tests for M.Anas because his monthly tests are ahead.

Now Waiting for my hubby 🤠 .we shall have dinner and that'll be end of the day.
Thanks for having a glance at my post and giving your time.


You are describing your routines in very brilliant manner.welldone


 4 months ago 

nice diary game photography of flowers is very beautiful. Small kids add beauty in your diary game.

 4 months ago 

nice diarygame.M.anas😙😚