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Hello my dear friends


  • Today its very lovely topic to write on mother language. Mother language is also called native or regional language, but sometimes due to inter provinces marriage it may differ.

Mother language

  • My mother language is Punjabi, I am proud of my mother and also my language, i never feel shy to communicate in Punjabi, whatever the media or place would be; I regard my language because it belongs to me. I can express without any hesitation in my mother language, because I owned it from the first day of my birth, when i opened my eyes in this universe I just heard the voice of my mother and it was Punjabi.


  • Sometimes, I noticed people shy in telling their mother language. Its our pride because our mothers delivers heritage from one generation to others. We should value our culture.


  • The mothers language guided in every aspects of life either social or cultural value...

  • Only those nations achieve high level of record and progress whom promote and alive their languages.

  • In educational career although I am studying in Lahore a very diverse city, I always communicate in my mother language with friends and family, because only this language can express what I want to say and perhaps other people take less time in understanding what I want to say.


Only those nations achieve high level of record and progress whom promote and alive their languages.

In the last I would like to say respect your national and mother language, always support it, be proud of your language because its our identity, it s our pride. We are nothing without our cultural and moral values.

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